Wednesday, August 8, 2012

15 months old!

Avery Madison, you are 15 months old going on 2 1/2 years old in a 9 month old body! You had your 15 month well check today and the results are in... (dramatic pause)...
The calm before the storm.... buckling her into her car seat is an Olympic sport

You weigh a whopping 18.4lbs (1%). You are 29.75 inches (24%). Your peanut head is 45cm (22%).... so basically, you're perfectly petite. The doctor is a bit concerned that you eat 3-4 meals a day plus 3 snacks and are loosing weight instead of gaining but if he spent 30 minutes with you at home, he would see you just NEVER SIT DOWN! We're monitoring your weight and reevaluating at your 18 month check. Some possibilities were thrown around that really shook me yesterday but I've decided to not even entertain those thoughts. You're just a busy peanut.
On September 4th you start toddler tumbling! We needed to figure out how to harness your energy and insane climbing skills so gymnastics it is! I couldn't find any actual gymnastics classes for children under the age of 2 so this will do until next May. I seriously think you would be a wonderful gymnast. You're petite, insanely strong, have no fear and climb and jump off anything you can.
Asleep on the boat
You climb the side tables and jump onto the couch. You can climb into your highchair but not out which scares me to death! You try to jump from the ottoman to the couch and are successful 50% of the time. Your brother taught you jumping off the slide is way more fun than sliding down it so that it your new trick. I have to admit, your abilities are impressive but life with these new skills has proven to be stressful! I see ER visits in our future.
Puzzle fun at Parker's school
You are smart as a whip! Often when you need a diaper change, you'll bring me wipes. You respond to request such as "Avery go get Parker's shoes." You don't speak much but you "sing" all day and even in the correct melody. If I sing "Jesus loves me," you'll sing babbles in close to the same tune. You clearly say: mama, dada, braba (brother), that, dog,  thank you and yeah. The word "yeah" and "that" along with your pointer finger has made meeting your wants much easier.

Shoe Obsession
Girlfriend, you've got a temper. I compare your temperament to your brother at 2. If you don't get your way, a meltdown follows. I think this is because you know what you want and can't always communicate it. When you can communicate it but don't like my answer you are inconsolable. Like, drop the groceries, leave the cart, get you out of the store awful. Lately, you don't like shopping carts and want to walk but you're a distracted little shopper so I either have to shop quickly, do it when you're asleep and I'm wearing you in the ergo, send daddy shopping or wait until the weekend and go alone. One day you'll be my shopping buddy again!
Avery decided to pull clothes out of her drawers and try on some different options
You and your brother have started playing together a lot lately. You guys like to climb together, roll on the couch, crawl through the tunnel and play color changers. You also fight! Parker has recently started putting you in time out when you bite him or pull his hair. Its hard not to giggle! He doesn't like to share his toy story toys but loves dressing you in his woody jammies. You guys are so cute playing "buzz and woody!" You wake up 1st in the morning and can't wait to run into Parker's room to get him up!
Sweet kisses
You are obsessed with shoes. You know whose shoes are whose and if you find a pair around the house, you take them to the owner. You love wearing shoes and are especially fond of any pink shoes. You do not like bows any more... I still put one on you in public and keep putting it on you until I give up. I think when you have enough hair to clip it to you'll be better about wearing one.
No, they don't pee pink and blue... my kids love bath tub color changers by Crayola!
You will eat anything I put on your tray but blueberries, mac and cheese, spaghetti and cheese are your favorites. You wear size 12 months clothes and size 4 diaper. You usually nap twice a day for 30-45 minutes unless you're in the car. You nap longer then. You still LOVE bath time and then sleep from 7:30-5 and then again from 5:15-6:30ISH. Your nightly sleep patterns still baffle me. You can sleep "through the night" one night and then get up 5 times the next. It is getting better though! You're down to nursing 2 times a day and we're working on cutting those even though you are not happy about it! You have 6 teeth and 2 molars.
Couch nap!
 You are either happy or livid. There isn't much in between! Most of the time, you are a complete joy! You love to give kisses and quick hugs... then you're off and running! Snuggles are frequent but quick! I love watching you learn new things everyday! You're so full of wonder and love for life. You're smiley and know how to work a crowd. You haven't met a stranger, unless they try to hold you. You are loved, cherished and such a little sunshine! We couldn't imagine life without you!
It's like Where's Waldo except way less fun since I had to clean up this mess!

Happy 15 months!


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