Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Midweek Confessions!

Time for some midweek confessing! I'm linking up with E today from E, myself and I.

1. I want a minivan SO badly! Like so badly that its embarrassing. I have a great SUV. It's paid for. Kid friendly. Has 115K on it but it's a Toyota so that's only like half it's lifespan... and I feel guilty for wanting a new car when I have a perfectly fine one. Maybe if it were a gift I wouldn't feel so bad. Anyone want to give me a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna? It would be rude of me to turn it down.

2. Tonight my husband was supposed to work so I already made plans with the DVR to watch Pretty Little Liars and do some sewing. I know I was supposed to be excited when his work project got canceled and now we get to "spend time together tonight".... but I'm disappointed about pushing back "my date with myself" until TBA....

3. Avery LOVES shoes which works out nicely because now that her feet have FINALLY grown out of 6-9 month shoes (which as a side note are SO hard to find for a child who walks!) I have gone baby shoe buying crazy! :) Think polka dots, bow, fun colors! Oh the fun shoes out there for little girls!!!

4. Recently, I've started ebaying some of Parker's clothes (that make it past one season on a 3 year old boy) and lots of Avery's clothes. It has become such a fun game for me! It's funny to see what people start bidding wars over and what people completely pass over. If you want to check out what I have listed, I'm taylorlwise on ebay. I usually list in groups of 10-12 items because it's time consuming to post items! If you have an "Avery" or know of one, you can score some great monogrammed stuff right now! :)

5. Last night at prayer time, Parker thanked Jesus for "Super Why." Amen, Parker... Amen.
Parker with his great grandmother's newspaper reader. He was SO intrigued with how big everything was!

6. I don't watch a ton of TV but I am a very faithful follower of a few shows. Army Wives is almost over FOR GOOD and I may slide into a slight depression until Modern Family comes back on to distract me from my Sunday night loss. 

7. It's almost football season! I am more excited about dressing my kids in "spirit wear" than I am about the actual games.

8. I'm STILL nursing... Avery is 15 months old... I thought weaning would be easier.... heck, I even went out of town for 3 1/2 days and we started right back where we left off within 5 minutes of me being home. Sometimes I'm SOOO over it.... particularly when she self serves in public (yes that happens... almost daily) and other times, I'm still glad we're doing it. She's my baby... she's tiny... and I'm a sucker for this face.
Avery with her great grandfather
Confession #9 should be the condition of my kitchen but as opposed to confessing it's disarray, I think I'll just go clean it! To the bookclub dishwasher! (super why fans.. did you catch that?!)


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