Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midweek Confessions - I'm BAACCKKK!

Goodness, lets not even talk about how long it has been since I blogged! What I've been up to is probably the same as you... mountains of laundry, piles of dishes, long list of sewing orders, refereeing toddler arguments, grocery store runs, trips to Target, hours at the pool, shuttling Parker to and from summer day camp at school... you know the busy summer routine! BUT I'm back to do a little confessing! .... mostly of the inappropriate embarrassing sort... the kind my kids will resent me for later.... so basically... the good stuff!

Linking up with E from E, Myself and I today!

#1... Tonight while giving Parker a bath I got the question every mom of a boy dreads.... "Mommy, how do I make my pee pee bigger?" Followed by "I like it bigger. I think I need medicine." Y'all... we don't have cable so I have NO idea where he gathered he needs medicine to fix this "problem" but I thought it was HIL-ARIOUS! I told him to "ask his dad because mommy is a girl and doesn't have a pee pee but I thought it was fine just the size it is." (Score one for mom). Daddy is smarter than I give him credit for and told him he just had to "Get older and eat fruits and vegetables!"  Oh boys and their pee pees!

#2.... It took Parker 4 months to poop in the potty. For 4 VERY long months he has pooped in his underwear EVERY SINGLE DAY usually between the hours of 4-5 or whenever I put a swim diaper on him for the pool (We don't use pull ups). It took buying him a $40 Buzz Lightyear and the threat of having it taken away to do it... best $40 I ever spent.

#3... Like E's son, Avery has become a MAJOR biter! She pretty much only bites me and Parker. She got me SO badly recently that she clogged a milk duct by biting it shut and piercing the skin. I was expressing pink milk.  It got infected and it HURT. So much so that I considered going to the ER.... and then I noticed a pair of tweezers... and did the unthinkable. Yes... me+tweezers+glass of wine= 30 minutes of unclogging it myself. It was so gross I took a picture and texted it to my BFF and mother. Is taking a picture of your boob in that condition considering sexting? I think not. She bites Parker as a defense mechanism and 90% of the time he deserves it but she still gets in trouble. Oh the beginning of refereeing sibling quarrels!

#4.... Avery is STILL nursing at 14 months but I'm working on weening her. We're down to 4 times a day which if you know Avery is a small miracle. She literally slid my spaghetti strap dress to the side in the middle of the grocery store sub line on Friday and self served. Between the biting and self serving in public... I'm done. She is not so much. Any advice other than wearing a turtleneck... it's like 100 degrees!

#5... I love the show America Ninja Warrior.... no one made it to Mt Midoriyama in the finale and I was genuinely upset! I also enjoy other non major network shows like Swamp People, Pretty Little Liars and Army Wives. We don't have cable but I go out of my way to find it online!

#6... I have a chalkboard wall in my kitchen that I was so excited about and do seriously love having but I only ever change the writing on it for holidays or special events so even though "poker night" was over a month ago, up until last week, it was still decorated for poker night. It now says "We'll miss you Anna" for Anna's going away party that happened last week. I would guess it will say that until Labor Day or until my mom reads this and changes it for me. ;) Thanks in advance mom.

#7.... Sometimes confessing that I'm behind on laundry, ironing, dishes or needing a date night on my blog magically leads to my mother showing up out of the "blue" to help. I don't use this blog as a way to manipulate that aid at all. wink wink

OK friends, your turn!!!!


  1. I freaking love PLL AND I make Jason watch it with me. He won't admit it, but he loves it... And thinks Hannah is hot. A little creepy, but I'm okay with it. Ha.

  2. Two words: chocolate syrup. I started Luke on whole milk with just a drop or two of chocolate syrup and now he only nurses once a day. Call me selfish, but it's GLORIOUS! After not even a week of the few drops (so little in each bottle that it didn't tint the milk color) I stopped and now he does whole milk beautifully! Good luck!

    1. Ashley, I JUST tried that now so we'll see how it goes. My problem is that I'm her lovie. She goes to me (my boobs) for comfort so that's more or less what we're trying to break. She won't drink more than a sip or 2 out of any cup I've tried. I've even tried a bottle and she has no interest. We're making progress but I'm hoping to be done in a week or so!