Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sidewalk Graffiti Welcome

Sweet Ashley over at The Pollock Potluck has started a list of things she wants to do before the summer is over. I've decided to have only 2 goals to increase my chances of success.....

1. Potty Train Parker for real.... finally.... so he can go to preschool again this fall.
2. Feeding my family healthier. More Organic. Grains. Veggies. Fruits. Less Processed Crap.

She has a long list of cute things like get ice cream from the truck, eat outside.... etc. One of the things on her list that I immediately knew I HAD to do was welcome our new, next door neighbors with some side walk chalk graffiti. They just moved to Charlotte, NC from Costa Rica so I thought this would be fun. Avery and I had a great time doing it! We couldn't decide whether or not to do it in English or Spanish but went with English in case they were actually Americans who had been living in Costa Rica or something like that. Come to find out, they are from Costa Rica, they speak very fluent English.... and the chalk I used was like spray paint. WHOOPS. 3 hard rains and 1 sighting of the new resident trying to hose it off the sidewalk later... the remnants are still faintly there! Thankfully, we aren't facebook friends yet and since I did it while they were out experiencing Carowinds for the day, they don't know I did it. 

Confession.... I googled the word "neighborhood" while writing this because I thought the "neigh" part looked weird.

You can't see it really well but I did it so that when they walked out of the house, it was facing them. I was sure I did it centered to the porch but I was WAY off. It's the thought that counts, right?!
I definitely think Avery and I will be the new welcome wagon committee with our stellar sidewalk chalk graffiti but I might have to do some research on what brand to use. The hot pink seriously has stained the concrete. WHOOPS! Great idea, Ashley! So fun!


  1. Love it! You did a great job! (and whoa- that house is beautiful! I'd love to see your neighborhood!)

  2. Thank you. :) We love our neighborhood. We just moved here in February and are loving it. The next door neighbor's house is beautiful. I love that balcony (even though it comes off the master closet... so weird, right!?)