Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fairy House Festival

On Saturday we took my new rockin' minivan into the shop to have the DVD players installed. Thankfully, my mom rescued us from hours at Freedman's Stereo with the kids and took us to Latta Plantation for the Fairy House Festival. Apparently the rest of the Lake Norman community with a girl also thought this would be a good idea because it was PACKED with way more people than there was things to do. I can't blame them, it was a beautiful day and an excuse to wear fairy wings so I was definitely game.

Walking the trails
My pretty mama and Parkerman
 Kids... and by kids I mean over-eager fathers... built the cutest little fairy houses in the woods off the walking trail paths. You could tell the ones that 8 year old girls did and which ones 38 year old contractor fathers did... complete with crown molding and a picket fence. (you think I'm kidding). My kids took their fairy house supplies (sticks) and threw them into the lake because making splashes in freezing water is clearly way more fun.
SO close to falling in!

Throwing sticks in the lake

We didn't stay in line for pony rides or face painting but if the kids had asked to, we would have. In a few years, I think Avery will really enjoy this little festival. Since fairies aren't really the epitome of manliness, we dressed Parker in the next closest thing to a male fairyish thing... Buzz Lightyear which still scored him a free grab bag of.... pamphlets and a mini rubrics cube. Overall, we really enjoyed being outside and people watching.... especially the lady in full fairy attire and 6 inch heels with no children, walking around seductively on the prowl for a male fairy to call her very own. I think she missed her mark on the demographic but it made for a good chuckle. But in all seriousness, what's cuter than little girl's in tutus and fairy wings.... not much so the festival was pretty darn cute.

Apparently she was ready for a snack!
Excited to see the birds at the raptor center!

It was only appropriate to wear an owl shirt to the raptor center! I am "that mom" who dresses her children for occasions.

Avery thinks the owls are kinda boring.
Nothing a little slide action can't fix!

 After the festival, Daniel wanted to redeem he and Parker's man-cards so we went to the raptor center to see the birds. It was pretty cool and a standard field trip back when I was a kid. It's always fun to take your ids to places you went as a child! Making memories!!! :)


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