Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sparkly Green Earrings

I read a book. That in an of itself is facebook status worthy but more importantly, I read a book in a day and LOVED it! Enough so that I passed it 2 doors down to Tabitha... along with my offspring so hubby and I could have a whole meal alone... at a table with cloth napkins, without picking up sippy cups every 30 seconds and without begging anyone to eat something green. It was glorious minus the fact that the waiter refused to write our orders down (even after I requested him to) and he brought our dinner to us progressively as it was ready... because lets be honest... he forgot parts of my order BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WRITE IT DOWN. MEN.

I digress...

Back to the book. I got so excited to receive this text:

"I'm 2 pages in and loving it already!"

So because we both love it, obviously you will too because I'm certain all my readers share my  distinguished taste in literature.  Sadly, I've just realized I haven't told you the name of the book but I know you're anxiously awaiting with baited breath. Do any of you follow Big Mama's blog? If not, you're missing out. It's the 2nd best blog on the internet next to mine.... which is an exclusive members only club of 72 people verse Big Mama's tens of thousands of followers. She gets 200+ comments on most of her blogs... I'm thrilled to get 1. Apparently y'all are a quiet bunch. Anyways, it's awesome so definitely check it out.

Big Mama (who isn't big at all so I was confused until I read the book) wrote a book called "Sparkly Green Earrings." It speaks to every aspect of motherhood from conception and pregnancy to baby poop and car ride puke... all stories told with whit and humor. I related to each chapter of the book in some way and found myself recalling similar memories with Parker and Avery.  It encouraged my spirit and lightened my mood... 2 things I was in desperate need of!

After reading the book, I've decided that she and I would be best friends if we were neighbors on her street in Texas. Sorry, Tabitha... you're getting the boot. There are no democrats in Texas. God Bless America. Amen.

I like books like that. Ones where you are certain the author wrote it just for you, in words you understood, with sarcasm you get, movie lines and song lyrics interjected.... basically a stream of thought with multiple veers off topic only to be brought back to a relevant and poignant point that you needed to hear. Those are the kinds of books I like and maybe will one day write myself.... for all 72 of you.... and my parents.

*I wasn't paid to write this. In fact, I paid for the book myself on Amazon. Well worth the $8.99


  1. So I read this post from bed this morning (thanks to Facebook) and ordered the book on my Kindle. Started reading it before William woke up and can't wait to read more!