Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Midweek Confessions!

It's been a while since I've done some confessing so I thought that might be fun!

1. Parker and Avery ate Doritos for breakfast one day this week. We had them in our home after a poker game... someone forgot to take them home...Parker found them... Avery poured the crumbs on my face as I was "fading in and out" on the couch which is how I discovered they ate half a bag for breakfast. I can't blame them... those things are tasty.

2. I put a whole bunch of the kid's outgrown clothes for sale on facebook and various other places. The minute I notice someone has paid their invoice I'm scouring for more cute summer clothes. I'm like a kid with an allowance who must go spend it the second it's earned.... except I'm 28 (in 2 weeks!) and spend my $ on Kelly's Kids coordinating sibling sets instead of video games. Is it summer yet?

3. I had the carpets professionally cleaned today. I could have fed the local homeless with the amount of random fruit snacks and chip crumbs under my couch. I was horrified. New rule... food only in the kitchen.. until tomorrow when I'm asleep on the couch that is and the kids have to fend for themselves. When will they learn to toast their own waffles? Mama's still tired at 6:15am.

4. I signed up to run a 5K.... I ran today. It wasn't pretty. But do you know what will be pretty? Me... Crossing the finish line with no sweat, hot rolled hair and a cute matching work out outfit because if you aren't first then you might as well look darn good being last.

5. Parker and I got locked in the men's bathroom at our neighborhood clubhouse this weekend while I was setting up. Men, y'all are gross... but Parker discovered a new love of urinals so there's that... Thank goodness for cell phones and best friends who now live 2 doors down or we would have been in their a while!

Well I guess that's it. Nothing too radical :) Your turn!!!!

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    PS. Mmmmm, Doritos :D