Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just these 2

I got the BEST Valentine's present today. It wasn't from Daniel... the king of romance didn't so much as get me a card but I expected such. He set a precedent our 1st year of marriage that Valentine's Day was NOT a holiday and he has stuck to his guns! I get him a card every year and every year he begs me not to. At this point, it's because a joke because I promise him I won't and then he always feels bad when he doesn't have anything to give me. It's cool though because it takes the pressure off me to make a special dinner and get up early to drive to Krispy Kreme with the rest of the good wives.

Back to my present.... the kids... my PRECIOUS kids didn't fight today. Sadly, at this stage of life, that is a present. As is a full night's sleep. Both of which I received last night/today and it was glorious. I'm scared to throw this out there for fear of backlash... but Avery's sleeps through the night now! Praise God from who all blessings flow... it's a miracle. Due to my new refreshing sleep, my patience today was pretty darn high today. I wonder if they're smart enough yet to see the coorelation?!

We started the day getting ready for school which only included 1 meltdown but was quickly resolved with the promise of powdered doughnuts for breakfast. Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like sweet 16's.

Avery and I joined Parker at school for his Valentine's Day celebration. I let Parker cheat his diet today since it seemed pretty cruel to watch all the other kids eat pink frosted cookies while he ate blueberries. You would have thought I've never fed the poor kid. He shoveled food in his mouth and was begging for other kid's scraps.

After school, Parker made it about 20 minutes in clothes before having to "be Buzz" so off to his room he went to get his PJs. He came back with Avery's Jessie PJs which was PRECIOUS and a t-shirt for me to wear my jammies. I'm "Andy's mom." The funny thing is... the shirt he grabbed happened to be on top and was gifted to me at my remission party by the most thoughtful neighbor. It says "Cancer picked the wrong B*TCH!" Thank God Parker can't read.... unfortunately, I think the UPS man can. I doubt Andy's mom would rock this shirt. She seems like she would stick to Cato.

While doing chores, I lost sight of Avery and found her under the trampoline hoarding cookies... 10 to be exact. Doesn't it look like she's saying "I have a serious case of PMS... leave the chocolate frosted cookies and I ALONE!"

After her sugar high, she crashed HARD. Mommy fail.

It's bath time and here's where things got CUUTTTEEE. Parker declared "SHOWER TIME!" (everything is ___-time" with him. ie: jammie time, pee pee time etc) so into the shower they went. After a while I heard Parker sing a song they sing in school to learn identity and awareness of colors, etc... "What are you wearing? what are you wearing? What are you wearing today? If you're wearing a pee pee stand up and get out of the shower!" I just about died. I assure you they don't fill in the "if you're wearing" part with privates but hey... he wasn't wearing anything. He sang it again for Avery and interchanged her lady parts. Sometimes having toddlers makes me want to attach "Free to good home" signs on them and take them to Petsmart but these moments make me want to reverse Daniel's vasectomy. BUT then it got cuter...

We read stories in the guest room where Parker currently sleeps because and I repeat "big boys sleep in big beds." Clearly a twin bunk bed is no longer appropriate for a 3 year old. So last year. When it was time to go to bed, they both said their prayers, kissed and laid down next to each other. (which I made them recreate for pictures as any good mom would). I figured since we're traveling a lot this April-summer that they might as well get used to sleeping together to make hotel room stays easier so they did! Avery cried once and Parker hugged her and told her "lay down sissy. It's night night time." OH be still my heart.
Parker wasn't so into the reenactment. Drama club probably isn't going to be his forte. Miss Avery on the other hand has drama in her bones.

After a few minutes, Avery got out of bed and went to her room and Parker followed. They're currently fast asleep together in a pink polka and paisley twin bed. Quiet uterus.

There are days I feel more like a referee than a mom but today (overall) was one of those mommy days where you say "I could do this again!" ...BUT tomorrow they'll be awful because I won't feed them powdered doughnuts for breakfast and frosted cookies for lunch and I'll be so thankful to have "just these 2!"... but a wonderful 2 they are! :)


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