Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grass Sledding, Ice Cream and Hair SOS.... not a random post at all

I set today aside to give the bathrooms a good deep clean and to scrub the kitchen floor. It's almost 9pm and I assure you neither of those chores are done but we did have a pretty fun day which included not an ounce of cleaning solution!
Thomas is now dead to us... we're back on the Toy Story band wagon in case you're keeping tabs
The kids and I headed up north, picked my mom up and headed to Davidson. If you've never been to Davidson, you MUST go! It's the CUTEST little town with whimsical shops, precious parks and a beautiful college. The kids loved the playground then we strolled to the HUGE sandbox! Daniel is on the long term planning committee for our neighborhood and I've already begged him to bring one of these up at the next meeting! The concept is that there is a fenced in area, a gigantic sandbox, shade, picnic tables and lots of fun sand and riding toys for the kids to share so you don't have to bring your own. Parker and Avery had a blast!

PCC we NEED one of these!
I felt like the WORST mother EVER when I didn't take my kids out in the snow the other day but I made up for it today with grass sledding which is much warmer and less messy. Score one for mom... or really nana because it was her idea.

LOVE those little faces! 

After the park, we headed to Birkdale for some TCBY....followed by Kilwins because who can resist the caramel apples when you see the chocolatier taking them out of the vat of hot, delicious smelling caramel?!
Double fisting ice cream. A girl after my own heart!
Woody needed some ice cream too!
Afterward binging on ice cream, fudge and caramel apples, we went back to my parent's house to play. Avery felt the weight of all the junk food and clearly needed to burn it off. Burn baby burn! 
If only exercising were actually as easy as sitting on the handle bars while someone else does the work!
Parker crashed in the car and transferred to bed easily so here's hoping he sleeps all night! Miss. A was also pretty tuckered out so this mama is hoping for a good LOOONNG night's sleep! 

So here's the advice part. My mom made it quite clear.... multiple times.... that Avery's hair made her look like an orangutan (in love of course). The problem is that she doesn't have much hair and it's REALLY fine. To add insult to injury, last night Parker poured an entire bottle (no lie) of head and shoulders on her head when they were in the shower and this morning it was dry, crinkled and brittle. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS CHILD'S HAIR?! Seriously. I need help. What do I do to make it grow, thicken up and uncrinkle?
No, it wasn't windy. Her hair really looks that way after her latest shampoo job. HELP!
 Side note: When Avery screamed because her eye balls were getting a dandruff treatment, I jumped in the shower fully clothed and held her up to the faucet and water boarded her. Poor thing may never shower again. Mommy is sorry for torturing you. Please don't be the stinky kid.


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