Friday, November 16, 2012


You know how God meets you sometimes in the strangest of places? Avery was in a dancing mood today so I went to YouTube to give her a little background music to bop to. I'm slightly ashamed to admit her favorite is the "Gangnum Style" song. It's probably a filthy song but it's got a catchy beat and who doesn't love that dance? PLUS.... lets be honest, I've got NO CLUE what he's saying other than "Hey sexy lady." Anyways, I digress... after a dance party in the kitchen, they ate lunch and were off to the play room. I switched the music to Hillsong while I washed the lunch dishes.

God met me while washing up the rice, almost dairy free mac n cheese and strawberries Parker toyed around with for lunch. He calmed my spirit and turned my eyes to Him. I have been overwhelmed and frustrated lately. I feel like I'm raising a child right now that I don't know. He feels crummy, acts different and is WAY overusing the phrase "I don't want to." That's a fun one....

Songs of encouragement were laid on my heart one after another and I feel so full of peace and hope. It's as if He said "I've got it."  That's not to say life isn't a bit harder right now but I feel more equipped to manage knowing that in my weakness, He is strong. Though I feel a bit drained in the patience department, I'm finding a constant stream of praise music filling the house to be a source of strength.... which I just mustered to clean the explosive diarrhea off the couch...with compassion nontheless.  (a sign the detox/clean out is working?! PRAISES!)

"For NOTHING is impossible for YOU! You hold my world in YOUR hands!" is my all time favorite song line (Healer by Hillsongs and also done by Planetshakers and Kari Jobe) which is from Luke 1:37. It was my anthem through cancer and continues to be comforting in tough times. Lately I've really held onto "I may be weak but Your spirit's strong in me. My flesh may fail but my God you NEVER will!" from "Give me Faith" by Elevation Worship, a church right down the road from me! I'm jealous of the people who get to go to Lakewood Church in TX and yet I have my very own little "Lakewood" down the road that I don't go to.... gotta fix that. No more using the kid's dislike of church nursery as an excuse!

I know I must not be the ONLY one feeling a bit depleted. I wanted to share some songs on my heart today that I'm finding to be the greatest source of encouragement and peace. I've created a YouTube playlist that's on repeat and SO blessing my spirit today. Here's my list:

"Give me Faith" by Elevation Worship

"Healer" by Hillsong

"Oh Praise Him" by David Crowder Band

"How He loves us" by David Crowder Band

"Come Thou Fount" David Crowder Band Version

"God of this City" Chris Tomlin

"Hosanna" by Hillsong

"Mighty to Save" by Laura Story

"Redeemed" by Big Daddy Weave

"Blessings" by Laura Story

I'd love to add more to it so PLEASE comment below any Praise and Worship song that you find encouragement and peace in. 

While we're at it, I suppose I should also start a list of more kid appropriate dance party songs too!


  1. I really like "Revelation Song" by Phillips, Craig & Dean

  2. Girl, where do I even is a few that I play on a daily basis! I need to Shazam a few new ones...

    Worth It All...Rita Springer (this song ran through my head as I was lying on the operating table not sure if my unborn child or I were going to make it out alive...)

    Christ is Risen....Matt Mather

    The Stand....Hillsong

    I lift my hands...Chris Tomlin

    he knows my name....???

    Hold us together...Matt Mather

    Hold me...Jamie Grace (this could be Avery's dance song)

    Blessings...Laura Story

    I will rise...Chris Tomlin

    By your side...10th Avenue North

    Love is here....10th Avenue North

  3. I love all those! Hosanna and Come Thou Fount always make me teary eyed. I always find myself surfing to a "FISH" station if I've had a rotten day. The music has a way of calming my soul and getting my head on straight before I get home :) NEEDTOBREATHE is my all time fav. They remind me of the praise band at Buckhead Church...miss it SO much! Listen to "Washed by the Water" and "Lay 'em Down." They are my tops.

  4. "10,000 Reasons" is one of those songs for me, the kind where I hang up the phone, turn up the music and just weep. You aren't the only one feeling the way you've described in this post, you're just bold enough to speak the truth of motherhood to encourage others on the same path! :) Thank you friend!

    1. I JUST jammed to that song in the car alone on the way home from a frustrating grocery store run! LOVE IT!