Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nemo and the Little Mermaid

We have a little fish on our hands! Parker has become quite the swimmer. Well... he at least thinks he is. He has NO fear of water which surprises me since he has so many other fears. The neighborhood pool recently upgraded the kiddie pool to have a graduated entrance, mushroom, shooting water and fountains... he could care less. He is a "big pool" swimmer and will only go to the baby pool during adult swim (which he doesn't understand and we are THAT family dragging our kid out of the water crying). He's doing great swimming with the puddle jumper after his splash balls. Parker's FAVORITE thing to do in the pool is jump in.... over and over and over. He gets mad if you don't let him go all of the way under. Once he comes up, he takes a breath and then puts his face back in the water to "swim." It's so cute!

Getting a ride to the other side of the pool from dad
Since she's a red head, we'll call her "The Little Mermaid" for the purpose of making this blog post title cute... but she's actually never been in the water other than the bath (which she loves!) BUT... she looks precious basking in the shade in her strawberry bathing suit and car seat equipped with a fan! Tough Life!  
 When I can't take the kids to the pool, we get out Parker's little crab pool.
Please note the laminated picture of ducks in his hand... they needed to swim too apparently.
This is all he does in it anyways so it's a perfect size!
 We don't discriminate when it comes to places to swim! We went on a boat ride Thursday night without bathing suits... but who needs a swim suit when you're a boy and you desperately want to swim?! Moms, have you ever let your kid swim in a normal diaper? HILARIOUS... they look like snails because the diaper puffs up big like a shell. We got a lot of laughs out of that gigantic diaper that was doing absolutely nothing....other than providing comic relief!
Swimming with poppi
Swimming with ducks! This was the equivalent of swimming with dolphins for Parker. I'm pretty sure his life is now complete. 
Our "Little Mermaid" lives a tough life, as you can see. Yes... her diaper is huge. I ran an errand and forgot to leave my mom a diaper. She pooped and mom improvised... with a size 2 diaper she found of Parker's. Whoops.

We were in the pool again today and are off to the lake in the morning! Parker is going to turn into Nemo by the end of this summer... and hopefully our "Little Mermaid" will actually get to get in the water a bit later this summer when she isn't so new and vulnerable to ickies. Until then, the boys swim and the girls bask in the shade!


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