Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ice Cream Choo Choo

Carolina Cones. Enough said for those of you who are Huntersville/Davidson/Cornelius natives. For the rest of you unfortunate souls who have not experienced, Carolina Cones... let me explain. Is the ice cream out of this world? Nope. Is the facility nice? Not at all. So what's the big deal? CHARM. This is the cutest little ice cream place and to top it off.... there is a train that chugs along the ceiling. When I was young, they also rented VHS movies and balloons. It was/is the tackiest, cutest place that happens to also serve ice cream. We used to go there as kids when we got good grades. They have indoor seating but they also have an outdoor gazebo, play ground, carousel, and seasonal plant nursery.

Last week when I visited my parents, we had a little time to kill and Parker desperately needed to be entertained outside of the house. I should also add it was hot as heck.... so it was a perfect Carolina Cones day! Parker knows it as "ice cream choo choo." He insisted on taking cowboy duck with us. We shared a medium rainbow sherbert... me, Parker and cowboy duck that is...

Random photo of Avery mixed in.. but hey.. it's cute!

So good!

Getting a BIG bite!

Cowboy duck is a messy eater and has to eat on napkins

Look how pleased he is... that smirk is worth the trip to ice cream choo choo alone!

Parker teaching duck how to eat. He's trying to get him to open his bill. haha

then you close it. Apparently the duck says "num num num" when he eats. haha
This post makes me want some ice cream choo choo... NOW!


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