Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pools, Play dates and Pilates

We had a play date today at our house. I just love getting Parker and my buddies together for casual, care-free play dates. By September, Avery will have 3 new play buddies that we are thrilled to welcome to the group! We started out with the kids in the backyard playing in the pools and ended with lunch and complete destruction of the house. I think every one of Parker's toys got played with today which is great because when we put them back in his bins, they were rotated and its like having a whole bunch of new toys! I love my friends. They held Avery so I could accomplish things, cleaned up toys, helped make lunch, dressed Parker.... they're pretty much awesome and it makes having these big play dates doable. I took a whooping 8 pictures today and didn't even manage to get all of the kids in them nor a single mom.... picture failure. I need to be better about taking pictures of the grown ups too! They just aren't as cute (no offense!) haha. Here's what I got:
Parker and Logan moved the water from one pool to the other...so helpful!

Don't feel too sorry for Avery... I think she only sat in here for 5 minutes! There were plenty of people willing to love on her!

Precious Parker

"The Parker"... its hi's signature move

Brooklyn & Logan

Today while my friends were here, I got these super cute, jcrew shorts in the mail. (I would copy the picture but it isn't saving it as a jpeg... and if it isn't a jpeg... I don't know how to do it!) Basically, they're navy blue and white seersucker shorts with pink anchors embroidered on them. Very Taylor. WELL... I opened them up in front of my friends and we all declared how large they looked and how they'd never fit (flattering, friends!). So, of course, they fit. Major bummer. Of course, I love them and I want them to fit but I want the tag to say the same number is said before getting pregnant with Avery. I've officially hit a plateau on the weight loss and it seems like these last 4 lbs, I'm going to have to actually work off. Bummer, I know. With Parker, 2 weeks and I was back into my clothes. Not so much with baby girl! So now I've officially decided it's time to be active again, eat bunny food (salads), and stop buying Dr. Pepper even though I feel like I NEED it to function. Maybe I'll take up pilates. I hear good things about that in the toning department which is really what I need. Who am I kidding... I'll never stick to that. I basically just need to get off the couch and Baby Bjorn Avery during her "I must be held 24/7 phase" she's currently in. Hopefully, that'll do it. Goal: 1 month from today... I want these shorts to be too big!!!


  1. Yes but don't let the number fool you...I have more work than that to get back into shape. Everything is flabby!

  2. It is definitely harder to get back into shape! I have been tossing up whether or not to get into pilates myself after third baby. My sisters are all raving about yoga but the pilates would help on the flabby, yes?

  3. Well, let me tell you. I have done NOTHING... and gained 2 lbs BACK! AHH! I've been researching gym memberships today! I'm going in the OPPOSITE direction!