Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Moments Like That

Life is SOOO very precious right now at our house. Parker is learning so quickly and it warms my heart to hear him say new words daily. He is the sweetest big brother and very giving with his hugs and kisses. He gets so excited when Avery comes into his room in the morning and lays in bed with him or when I lay them side by side for diaper changes. Sometimes when I only need to change her diaper, he'll come lay next to her anyways. It warms my heart. 

Avie is growing so quickly! She's so strong and I can tell her hair is starting to grow... in the back... we may have a business in the front, party in the back look for a while. The good news is that her crocheted headbands can hide that for a while! Dressing her everyday gives me a high (seriously.... it's SO fun!) and I've decided she needs more bows. A girl can never have too many (and there is no such thing as too big!).  Avery is a love bug. If she's not asleep, she wants to be held. While that can be difficult sometimes, it is so very precious and I'm doing my VERY best to cherish these sweet moments.

Here are some of my favorite moments I've captured on camera this week:
One of Avie's 1st smiles!

I love how alert she is here! She loves baths!

Be still my beating heart.... I loved this outfit on her! So girly!

and the duck obsession continues... He's waddling like the ducks on TV


My favorite 3 boys!

"The Parker".... my t shirt, bobby, hand in hair... ready for bed!

I thought this was so sweet! Showing Avery how to do tummy time!

Parker's idea of playing with his water table is playing IN it.
Yeah, I live for little moments like that (well, technically these.... but that's not how the Brad Paisley song goes that I was determined to make the title of this blog post! haha)


  1. What sweet babies!! I just stumbled across your blog through another (we both commented on a funny post over @ Max is having a heart time). I am also very interested in other mommy blogs as I have two of my own little ones. :) Your babies are beautiful!!

  2. Thank you! They're my heartbeats!