Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Memory Lane

Today I'm blogging from my parent's computer and I was bummed that I was going to have to do a post with no pictures since I didn't bring my computer here. BUT... duh... my parent's love me...and have pictures of me.. and my kids! SO... I started going through their albums and I could seriously do 50 post of old pictures I found! So, today's blog post is a massive hodge podge of random cute, funny, out of order, never before seen on my facebook (so exclusive!) pictures! ENJOY!
I lied... this is on facebook... but from 2006! wow! This was Daniel's idea of an engagement picture.

And this was mine :)

I found this in an album entitled "parker" haha

Cool dude

When I got to meet Casting Crowns

His father's child!


I cropped this photo and used it for his 1st birthday party

so sweet!

Lake day!

My aunt Peggy came to visit. She recently passed away and I regret not telling her that I was 8 weeks pregnant here with Avery.

Parker helping feed the dogs

Calling me at Barney Live! I was in the hospital having Avie.

Pushing around his HT sub

Avie the day we brought her home!

Bahamas. Where did this bathing suit go? I like it!

My old bunny Piglet


Pumpkin carving sophmore year of college

The day we told my mom Parker was a boy!

Miss. Clemson... man were we young!

2004... my future hubby and I had just started dating!

So that was fun! ...for me at least. Sometimes its just fun to take a walk down memory lane!


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