Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my Babies' Daddy!

Happy Father's Day, Daniel! Yesterday, I wrote about MY dad and today I have the privilege of writing about Parker and Avery's dad! :)

I remember when Parker was born early at just 3lbs 10oz and you were terrified of him. He was so tiny and you were sure you were going to break him or harm him. You had no idea how to care for a baby and his size and health problems compounded your fears. So instead of holding him, you nested. You steam cleaned, you laid sod, you pulled weeds... and at the time, I was so angry that our baby and I were in the hospital and you were doing yard work. It took me a while to realize that that was your way of loving and helping us. You were preparing our home to start our family since he came so early and we hadn't finished getting everything ready.

When Avery was born, it was a completely different story. We were ready and you were there both mentally and physically. You were the one who advocated for Avery and my health when I was physically unable to do so and you did a GREAT job! Who knows what would have happened if you weren't paying such good attention to our vital monitors!

You're a sweet daddy to our kids. I love watching you rough house with Parker and practice his flash cards. He laughs harder for you than he does for me. I love the way he tells you "bye bye daddy" every morning when you go to work and the way you're already teaching him to swim. Avery is smitten by you. She loves to cuddle into your chest and I melt when you tell her she's beautiful. You made my day yesterday when you told me you like her big bows. I think it's hilarious that any time she cries, you assume she needs to eat. Such a man! I love that you already talk about low jacking their cars with GPS systems and speed governors and that Avery can't date until she's 16. I love that you expect our kids to try their best and work hard to give them the tools to succeed. While you aren't one for vocalizing how you feel very often, your actions speak louder than your words.

You are so loyal. Both to our family and your job. Sometimes you're conflicted because work needs you on weekends or after hours but you always make up for it by making the most of the time you do have with us. You work so hard to provide for us and allow me to be a stay at home mom. You have truly made my dreams come true and for that, I am eternally grateful! Thank you for giving me two beautiful children! Your super power DNA has trumped mine and we have 2 precious mini Daniel's and I couldn't be happier!

We love you! Happy Father's Day!
(Pictures totally out of order)
HHI 2010

Parker's 2nd b'day

More HHI
Bringing home Avery

3am snuggles with Avery in the hospital
Easter 2010

Swimming with Parker

Introducing Parker to Avery
PS- I currently love you for doing lots of yard work on Father's Day so that I don't have to do it! I know you'll sneeze for days after pulling those weeds and I'm really thankful for doing it. I shall make you hot wings as a thank you ;)


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