Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have absolutely no idea how to juggle (you know, like a clown) but I am becoming quite an expert at juggling my two kiddies. Getting up, diapering, clothing, feeding, showering myself and then usually feeding again the kiddos takes a solid 2 hours... I've done it in 1 1/2 hours but I wasn't looking so hot. Granted, I usually leave something behind but thankfully, it's usually minor and unessential. It makes me feel good that we've got a few successful outings under my belt now. I. CAN. DO. IT!

While I was pregnant, I got so sick of hearing people tell me how hard it was or that I had no idea what I was in for. I'm sure there will be bad days (heck.. there were bad days with just 1 kid) but for now I totally feel like this is manageable.I would actually say, it's more than manageable... it's enjoyable!

Why again did I think infant Parker was hard? Newborns are a BREEZE. They eat, sleep and poop. (unless they have colic... then my heart goes out to you.) I guess it was just that everything was new and it's a big adjustment to go from being selfish with my time to basically giving 100% of it to my child. Granted... they don't require 100% of your time if you actually put them down. I don't think Parker took a nap off my chest for the first 4 months of his life! Little lady gets her fair share of skin to skin and cuddle time but she also naps in her boppy, nap nanny or mamaroo which allows me to get stuff down around the house or have mommy/Parker time.

Speaking of those precious kiddos:
Look how terrified Avery looks! Parker LOVES to hold Avery but he was not being quite as attentive to her as he usually is. The duck part of "Barney, let's go to the farm" was coming up and she was impeding his ability to flap his duck wings.
I found this pink ruffly skirt today and it makes my heart happy. I took this picture for my dad who is sure I don't have any pictures of Avery without a hat or bow.... now I do! :)
BUT.... bowless didn't last long!
Typical Parker before bed.... bobby, smiling with his hand in his hair! (and orange popsicle on his face!)
I was taking a picture of Avery when Little Mister put on his train conductor hat and stood at my feet yelling CHEESE!  Goodness, I love that boy!


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