Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Catch Up

I promise I'm not a blog abandoner. This little lady:
nurses what feels like 23 out of the 24 hours in a day. She's bound and determined to fit into her summer clothes sooner than later which is just fine with me! These "up to 7lb" and newborn sleepers are driving me nuts! Why can't newborns have cute clothes too? She's an amazing baby. She only cries when she's hungry (which is frequently) but stops the second you pick her up and get her in "position." The mamaroo is a lifesaver. She's not a fan of laying on her back flat so the mamaroo is AWESOME! She loves it. The nap nanny is great but it's a bit big for her right now since she can't hold her head up yet and slumps to the side. Such a peanut! She'll grow and I think she'll like it then. I love to sleep with her on my chest and I get giddy picking out her headbands everyday (fingers crossed her hair grows fast.... her fingernails sure do!). I'm loving having this second (and final) baby and it makes it even better that I've got my boy and girl... just perfect!

This little fella:

is an amazing big brother! He's not really shown any signs of jealousy (yet) and loves his baby sister! He calls her "baby" and will get her blanket or paci for her when she cries. It's adorable. Lately he's been VERY into jumping and counting. He climbs on something and yells "2, go!" He usually looks at me to fill in the "1 and 3." He talks constantly, although I don't catch the majority of it. Parker seems so big to me now. Laying the kids side by side makes Parker look like a giant. Changing his clothes and diapers are so different now. It's like he grew into a big boy overnight! I'm so smitten with my little family!

Obviously, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat to snuggles, family naps, laundry, diaper changing and nursing but we'll figure it all out soon enough! The good news, I've managed to get a shower every morning since Avery was born. This is a huge accomplishment for those of you who don't have kids! I've got one week to figure this whole mom of 2 thing out before Daniel heads back full time to work where he can't rescue me from his office upstairs. I know I can do it. My only setback is my own healing. I ripped open part of my c-section scar and am on some pain meds and antibiotics for that. I really need to get off the pain meds to parent/drive full time without the need for naps (these drugs make me SLEEPY). Hopefully, this week I can slowly work my way off of them and onto Tylenol or something like that. My only post pregnancy complaint is these crazy hormonal temperature changes. I got from hot to cold in seconds and S-U-F-F-E-R from night sweats! Holy Cow! I weigh myself in the morning and at night to see how much water weight I'm loosing and on average it's 3-4lbs per night. It's gross and the minute I'm done nursing 1st thing in the morning, I'm in the shower! The only good thing about these crazy night sweats is that I only have 4 more lbs to drop before being at my pre-pregnancy weight. The pre-pregnancy body; however, is nowhere to be seen! Looks like I may actually have to work to get that back.

Off to nurse... again!!!!

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  1. My feet sweat terribly at night ever since having Coleman... weird, huh!? I hope you get to feeling better soon!