Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More pool pictures.... because OMG I love tutu bathing suits and goggle faces

The rainy season seems to be over and we are savoring each moment in the sunshine! That means LOTS of pool time! Parker has become quite the fish and Miss. Avery continues to love swimming the entire pool in her puddle jumper. Both kids LOVE to jump in. Parker is great at jumping in and swimming to the side but Avery scares me! She likes to jump in and land on her rear end so she kicks her feet up, leaving me with nightmares of cracked skulls. 
{Knock on wood} so for, she hasn't had any accidents! 
Parker loves swimming with his BFF Joanthan. They share a mutual affection for all things Iron Man.
 Avery and Isabella are queens of the pool.
Avery likes to scare the high strung neighbors with her swimming skills. 2 people have already "saved" her this summer from drowning.... except she's swimming properly with her face in the water... not drowning. Bless their high strung hearts.
We've been trying to get to the pool each day for about 2 hours. It wears these kiddos out and mama enjoys adult conversation with the neighborhood ladies. PLUS... it's 2 less hours they're destroying my house ;) SCORE!
Water gun fun!
He is my neurotic child who only likes to jump on "the number 3 and sometimes 4".... I feel ya buddy!
She looks so preciously nerdy! Love her!
Only 1 more month before preschool starts! Better soak up these less scheduled days now!

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  1. The pool is the one reason my house has stayed somewhat orderly this summer. I love it!