Sunday, July 14, 2013

Myrtle Beach 2013

The 1st half of our summer beach vacay is posted here.

After saying goodbye to Oak Island, we headed to North Myrtle Beach to visit Daniel's mom. There is such a vast difference between Oak Island and Myrtle Beach! In Oak Island, the next closest people on the beach were 50 feet away. In Myrtle Beach, I could almost touch the next person's towel when I was laying on mine. I much prefer Oak Island's actual beach and ocean but Myrtle Beach has more to do when it's raining or if you want a break from the beach. This summer, I've really missed "my mecca".... Hilton Head!

Last year Parker REALLY enjoyed the big slide on the beach and while he did have fun, I think it was SO crowded that he didn't get into it as much this year. Avery went down the slide once with Daniel but that was enough for her! It is FAST! And COLD (it's sprinkler water).... and Avery just preferred to eat snacks.... just like her mama!
The whole East Coast has had the RAINEST summer EVER.... well maybe not ever but definitely the rainest summer I can remember so the pools were a bit chilly. Thankfully, grandma's condo has a hot tub!

The highlight of our Myrtle Beach trip for the kids was definitely the carnival rides at Broadway at the Beach!

This is me distracting myself from puking! Usually I feel like you don't get your $ worth on carnival rides but I was more than ready for this one to be over! haha Mommy wanted to tag out on the next ride but I was the only "guardian" that could fit in the pirate ship to help hold Avery in place.
Hooray, a ride that they could do themselves!
We ended the night of fun, riding some pigs!
We had a wonderful family vacation! It was very relaxing and much needed family time! I'm hoping to sneak away to Hilton Head for a long weekend before preschool starts back! I just don't think I can go a whole summer without bike riding on those spanish moss covered trails or a little Greg Russell at Harbortown!!!

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  1. we must've just missed each other!! We were at North Myrtle at Mar Vista all last week :)