Monday, July 1, 2013

Oak Island Beach Trip

We just got back from 6 wonderful days at the beach! We spent the first half of the week with just the 4 of us in Oak Island and the 2nd part of the week in Myrtle Beach with Daniel's mom. I removed the outtakes of shut eyes and blurs which left me with 240 usuable pictures! No one can ever say I didn't document these kids lives!
I'm going to break these pictures up into 2 post, Oak Island and Myrtle Beach.
In Oak Island, we did a whole lot of resting, sleeping and swimming. If you've ever been to Oak Island, you know there isn't a whole lot of things to do BUT the beaches are beautiful and the waves are perfect for body surfing, a hobby Parker grew quite fond of.
We got there around dinner time on Sunday, dropped our bags off and took a scooter ride to "walk on the beach"
I don't know what I was thinking because our "walk on the beach" turned into "swimming in our clothes".... and a cold scooter ride home!
After dance party in the outdoor shower, a family tradition at the beach house, we hit the sack early, expecting rough nights. The kids don't always sleep so great outside of our house BUT we were SO wrong (in oak island, that is!).... they slept AMAZINGLY well and we were up and ready to hit the beach the next morning!
Avery fed the seagulls most of our snacks to lure them in and then chased them away. Cruel.... but endless entertainment.
Parker ran straight into the ocean, supervised by Daniel. The waves were big but broke closely to the shore, perfect for toddler body surfing. Parker's body surfing closely resembled drowning so, no worries, one of us was always with him. He had the BEST time!

I love spending time with this sweet boy!
And this precious girl! (who will be wearing tutu bathing suits until she's 18 if I have anything to do with it!)
We buried Avery in the sand... best way to keep a ginger from burning!
We spent most of the day floating over the waves just past where they break. The kids loved floating in their puddle jumpers over the waves. Getting to that place was A LOT of work!
After a fun day at the beach, the kids just couldn't make the 5 house walk home!
Thanks for a great vacay, Oak Island! Next up! Myrtle Beach!


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