Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Pictures - OUTAKES!

Yesterday, I posted about our fun, family photo session with Heather Marie Photography. We got some great, frame worthy photos! We also got some great candid shots of wardrobe malfunctions, toddler cracks, eyes being rolled and man parts being held. 

This post should be titled "true life: The Wise Family"
 This would have been the CUTEST picture of the 2 kids if Parker wasn't.... well.... you know.

This photo actually made the "great shot post" yesterday but... let's be honest... that's my butt. I obviously need to be more self aware!
Parker doing his best "Iron Man" while Avery is... well... my child. Clearly not the most lady like! 
I wish you could see Daniel's facial expression up close in this picture. It's the "this is cheesy... I am done. Can I have another Krispy Kreme?" face. 
Stopping to admire airplanes! 
Photobombed by the kids! 
Not only do I love Parker's look of bewilderment at this sister, I also love that he's holding the flower Avery attempted to pick.. and ended up uprooting the entire plant.
My 4 chins in this picture were enough to make me want to delete this photo from my hard drive but I saved it, just for your viewing pleasure. 
I'm not sure what exactly was going on here but my hair looks nice...
Apparently when I jump in the water, I look like a gazelle.... (side note... when I wrote "gazelle" I spelled it gisele because spelling is obviously my strong suit... or maybe I just wish I looked like "Gisele" when jumping in a lake! A girl can dream... while her eating Krispy Kreme) 

And last but not least, I present you.... 
My favorite part of this photo is Parker "swimming" in the background. He looks like he's sneaking up behind her to pounce! 

I cherish these photos so much! They aren't perfect or frame worthy but they're mine. It's my crazy, fun, wonderfully blessed life that I'm so glad I live and have photos to remember these moments by!


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