Monday, July 29, 2013

Splash Pad Fun{ish}

This morning, I packed up our crew and we headed to Blakeney for some splash pad fun with my friend, Meredith and her twins. It's a tiny little splash pad but there are lots of places to sit and eat, a futuristic dysfunctional playground (but at least it's a padded place to run) and most importantly, a STARBUCKS! Thank you, Jesus... Amen.

The kids enjoyed the splash pad for a bit but then Parker declared "this is too small"... so apparently he has outgrown this activity...or maybe we're just a bit grumpy today from lack of sleep but regardless, the camera was in tow to capture the less whiny moments.

 Who needs a small splash pad when you've got a gigantic fountain!? They were SO tempted!
 One fought the urge, one didn't.... I'll let you guess.
Splash Pad Fun

AND then we started to whine and run in opposite directions. Such is life sometimes, right?! The good news is that we got out of the house, were on time, I got a yummy Starbucks, I enjoyed some adult conversation and a little Vitamin D. Hopefully this afternoon after naps/quiet time, we can get some pool time in! ;) This mama is SO excited for SUN!


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