Thursday, July 25, 2013

Parker the Fish

This sweet boy has become quite the little fish this summer!
Much to my dismay, he has given up swimming with his puddle jumper.... which means I have given up tanning by the side of the pool with a margarita. {tear} Currently I would categorize his swimming as "controlled drowning" but he seems quite pleased with his new skills. He can swim correctly but he sometimes forgets to use his arms or kicks both legs at the same time like a mermaid butterfly kick. It's pretty adorable, actually. 
Parkerman knows he can touch in the "number 3" so he'll find a "3" on the side of the pool and jump in there then swim back to the wall or steps. He also does this little jumpy thing which was my goal for this summer. I wanted him to understand that if he can't touch, to jump and breathe when his face is out of the water. Thankfully, he's mastered this so my stress level at the pool without both kids in flotation devices has dramatically decreased. Avery wants her puddle jumper on before we leave our house most days and I'm PRAYING that we have another summer of that! She's SO short that I don't think the jumping method would work for her!
Parker likes the idea of goggles... especially Iron Man ones but he doesn't like tight things so he basically ends up wearing them around his neck as an accessory instead. It makes me giggle ;) 
We've tried dive sticks but he usually just throws them to older kids and thinks its funny to make them fetch them... then we accidentally leave said $9.99 pack of 3 Iron Man dives sticks at the pool and despite Sharpieing our names on them, we never see them again so I'm the mean mom who has stopped bringing toys to the pool because they never seem to come home with us. {longest sentence ever} Thankfully, the kids have just as much fun without them and spend more time swimming in the pool than playing next to the pool with their toys. It also eliminates the "No mine" meltdowns... so really it's a win/win!

We haven't gotten to the pool as much as we planning to this summer due to the RAIN... and RAIN... and did I mentioned it has RAINED?!  ...Like so much rain that my garden has drown.... literally. Thankfully, the next few days should afford us a few hours of sun each day for some pool fun with friends! These 2 cuties are ready for blue skies and blue water!


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