Thursday, August 1, 2013

Midweek{ish} Confessions!

It's still *kinda* mid week so let's roll with a little confessing! I really need to start writing this stuff down throughout the week because I always leave out some good ones. Life around here has been a bit heavy hearted lately but I can always count on 2 things..... 1. My sister to send me inappropriately YouTube vidoes to make me laugh and 2. My kids to do/say something hilarious.

1. Yesterday Avery peed IN MY REFRIGERATOR! Potty training her has been SO much easier than Parker but like any 2 year old, she has the attention span of a puppy. Clearly, climbing the fridge for pickles was way more important than taking a quick potty break.

2. Speaking of pickles.... I ABHOR pickles... the smell, the texture, the juice.... I HATE PICKLES. If my Chick-fil-a sandwich comes with some after I've requested that it not, it's gonna have to be "their pleasure" to replace my whole meal. It's tainted. Side note: How adorable is it when a cute teen smiles and says "it's my pleasure".... The Chick-fil-a employees are usually SO sweet... even if I know they're forced to say it. I love manners.

3. You know what I don't like hearing? "Have a magically wonderful day!" Dear Disney store employees, when you see a frazzled mom with a crying 2 year old and an inconsolable 1 year old strapped in a gigantic double stroller with bags spilling everywhere and you tell her to "Have a magically wonderful day".... expect it to not go over very well. Does *this* look like I'm having a freakin' magically wonderful day?! Maybe try "We've all been there." "It gets better." "You're doing a great job, mom!" or at the very least "I hope you get a nice break during nap time." Discretion, people.

4. Parker REALLY wants the light up Iron Man costume at The Disney Store. He says things like "Nana. oh no, I don't have a light up Iron Man costume! What are we gonna do?" with a sweet face, hands in the air in the "I don't know" pose and head cocked to the side in true bewilderment. I'm all like "Yeah, nana?! What are YOU gonna do about that? Kid needs an Iron Man costume or he'll be shunned and humiliated amongst his fellow 4 year olds." I've tried to get him on board with knock offs because it's $60... yes... SIXTY dollars for a costume... that's like 3 outfits. I'm considering buying it for him because, let's be honest... I won't need to buy him any play clothes. I'll be the most protected mother at the grocery store with Iron Man at my side 24/7.

5. Since having Liam (we're fostering a 15 month old boy), I've found a renewed fondness for baby boy clothes. Yes, baby girl clothes are ADORABLE but sometimes I feel like little girls get lost in the ruffles, bows, flowers, ric rac, and mismatched patterns. I know... pot calling the kettle black but it's getting a little ridiculous. I look back at newborn pictures of Avery in pettiskirts and I think she looks a little too flashy for her size. They swallowed her. What happened to simple, classic girl clothes... or at the very least colors and patterns that match?!  Boy clothes, on the other hand, I can easily find a nice madras short, collared shirt or seersucker Jon Jon. They're usually tucked away in a corner of the store right past the "Daddy's Little Sluggar" shirts, "Mommy's Handsome Man" onesies, and skull and cross bone swim suits everyone seems so fond of. I'm really enjoying shopping in the sweet infant section again!

Your turn! Make me laugh!


  1. You're fostering?! How wonderful! Tell me more!

    1. We are! I can't post it all here, though. Send me your email address again.