Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacation Pictures - Beach Edition

So far, I've posted Harbortown pictures and pool pictures but what's a beach vacation without some beach pictures?! 

Parker and Avery love the beach but I was unsure of how Liam would do. I presume this is his first time at the beach. He surprised us by LOVING the sand! He totally got the hang of it and how fun it is... and how tasty it isn't really fast!
Avery and Liam played pretty nicely together with a bunch of sand toys. This toy story splash buddies play set has been with us to the beach 5 times... best $12 I ever spent. Who knew making Woody slide down a 8 inch slide for 4 hours straight was entertaining... but let me tell you... it sure is when you're a toddler!

Parker brought his iron man dive sticks and to avoid having to send the coast guard out to search for his beloved dive sticks in the ocean, we made up a game in the sand! (You think I'm kidding.... what this mama wouldn't do to not have to buy another $9.99 set of these things... because you can't just have 1 or 2... you have to have them ALL in the mind of a 4 year old). Poppi and I tag teamed being the iron patriot because it took both our energy and some gatorade to keep up with the action!

When Daniel came Friday night, there was only one thing the kids wanted to do... UP UP! P and A are obsessed with being thrown in the ocean or pool. I need to crop this picture closer but I'm pretty impressed with my hub's child hurling abilities!

We took some beach walks...
Liam ate snacks...
Avery played with the water wheel... Liam observed while eating snacks in a bucket....
...then Liam ate snacks while falling out of said bucket.... and Avery continued to play with the water wheel.
Parker tried his hand at boogie boarding. It isn't his sport but he looked super fly carrying it above his head like a little surfer dude!

What's a trip to the beach without some body parts being buried?!
D and I enjoyed a nice beach walk... just the 2 of us! Even though it was short, it was a refreshing few minutes together. I love this man!
At one point I thought of buying a corral to enclose them all in so I could sit down and have an umbrella drink without the fear of a kid running away or drowning.... priorities people.
Dear Avery, I'm sorry for this picture when you're 16 but for now.... I'm sorry I'm not sorry. Cutest sandy butt EVER!
 We played water guns...
And splashed in buckets...
And smashed sand castles ... AKA Tony Stark's house...
... and Liam snacked... on cheddar bunnies thrown for the seagulls. Kid can eat.
That about sums up our time at the beach!

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