Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation Pictures - Pool Edition

We did a lot of swimming on vacation! We stayed in a beautiful condo that was affiliated with the Westin next door so we got to use all their facilities. The kids loved their pool and koi pond.... Avery loved it so much she swam fell in it trying to touch the fish. My favorite part was the plush lounge chairs. I never did get to lay in them longer than 3 minutes but those 3 minutes were heavenly.

Parker continues to not wear his puddle jumper in the pool but stays in the 3 feet section unless he's got 1 on 1 attention in the deeper end. He seems to enjoy the weightless sensation of falling in the water and rarely spends time above the water! He finally mastered diving for his beloved iron man dive sticks!

Avery surprised us this trip by taking her puddle jumper off and swimming! Who knew she could swim?! This made it infinitely more stressful to be around the pool with 2 kids not in puddle jumpers and 1 who isn't really confident in the water yet but we made it work and the kids all had a blast in the pool!
Avery made quite a spectacle at the pool by yelling "up up!" over and over and over again. She wanted to be throw up in the air, flipped, you name it so she could swim back up to the surface only to yell it again and point to the sky. At one point, we may have had the whole pool deck and everyone at the pool bar starring at her. Whoops. I see some competition cheerleading or gymnastics in our future. Her back tuck was seriously impressive. She would come up to the surface still holding her toes. That's commitment right there.
Liam hasn't always been a huge fan of the pool. He much prefers to bat those beautiful blue eyes to fellow pool goers for snacks. While he still didn't LOVE the pool, he tolerated it much better this trip thanks to warmer water and lots of pool toys. He's starting to get the hang of the puddle jumper and preferred floating in it than to sitting in his baby float. Go L!

 Up next.... sandy faces and beach pictures!

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  1. I can only imagine how exhausted you are with three brave little ones in the pool! (also? I'm loving that Avery swims with a bow!)