Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's been a while since doing midweek confessions so I thought that might be fun to liven up this windy, cold Thursday. Thursday is still midweek, right?

1. I got "the call" from preschool 30 minutes after drop off to pick Parker up from school. He had been home sick this week and his only symptom remaining was a cough so I sent him.... kid was hacking his lungs up at school.... since being home... maybe once or twice. Can my 3 year old really know how to fake sick already? He's currently jumping on the indoor trampoline yelling "to infinity and beyond!"

2. I ate leftover tacos for lunch.. and by "taco" I mean leftover taco meat in a tortilla wrap. I am HORRIBLE at estimating a week's worth of food. We always seem to have plenty of dinners, bits and pieces of leftovers that don't make a full meal (ie the "meat taco" with no condiments) and no snacks. I swear I look in my fridge and see tons of groceries and can never seem to make a full meal of it all. I'm in desperate need of meal planning 101.

3. You may have seen this on Facebook but Parker has a recent fascination with private parts which I think is a)hilarious b)mortifying c)developmentally normal or d) all of the above.....The answer is D.

He asked the check out lady at CVS "Excuse me, do you have a hooha or a pee pee?" which was mortifying but I may have been wondering the same thing. It was questionable if you know what I mean. This question has now become common conversation with strangers. He told my grandfather's renal doctor the other day: "I has a pee pee and my mommy has a hooha." FABULOUS. Thankfully, the doctor took it in stride and proceeded to tell us the story of a kid with a dead chipmunk head in his mouth... and I'm not sure how it correlated but I was glad to not be talking about my lady parts anymore. All that to say....  if you pass us in Harris Teeter or Target, prepare yourself to discuss your genitals.

4. The potty gods felt bad about how difficult Parker was to potty train and decided to cut me some slack with Avery. She has started stripping and running to the potty and is about 50% successful right now. She's had maybe 2 accidents and does the rest in a diaper if we're not home or she's being lazy. If she's naked, she'll go in the potty... which is a great strategy for at home... not so great at the grocery store. We've had the "we don't pee on our princess panties" chat and she's all like "You may not but I do..." So if you come to my house... there is a good chance my kid is naked... but it's all in the name of being done with diapers, halleluiah amen!

5. Sometimes I host play dates or girl's nights as motivation to clean my house... I'm always excited to see my friends and I want to get together but that added pressure of hosting is what really kicks my butt to clean when I don't want to. Awful, I know.

6. I've already started stressing thinking about what we'll all wear for spring family photos... which I haven't even scheduled. We all know how the "A Very Old Navy Christmas Card" shoot went.... and I only stressed about that for a month. The good news is, I have a vision and maybe even a color scheme picked out so I think I'm on the path to that elusive frame worthy family photo! ...and it does NOT include Old Navy...

I'm hearing the phrase "Avery, that's dangerous" being spoken upstairs so that's my cue to quit! Your turn! Comment here or on FB with your confessions!

Update: She was sitting in my sewing chair which is a no no. Clearly Parker was listening when I told him my sewing machine is dangerous! 


  1. Just yesterday I told my husband that we need to invite people over at least once a week so that I'm motivated to clean. I am realizing that I am a terrible family photo planner--I need to improve on that before Owyn arrives! The only formal family photos Luke and I have are from our wedding!

    1. Girl, I am obsessed.... I will help with your photos. Granted, I don't know any FL photographers but I can outfit coordinate! ;)