Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Birthday Dilemma

Parker's birthday is next week and I have done approximately nothing to prepare for it. The truth is, he doesn't want a party.... which throws my desire to throw a Pinterest worthy party out the window but believe me, its for the best. He's requested a Buzz Lightyear cake, a trip to the zoo and squinkies. Easy peasy except I just can't bring myself to do it... especially the squinkies.... I curse the person who came up with those darn things. You see, for the last 2 weeks, my son has spent 90% of the day throwing tantrums, in time out or whining. I. AM. OVER. IT.

The thought of dropping hundreds of dollars on a party, presents and cake while my son rolls on the floor because his Thomas the Train is dirty (because he put it in a flower pot) simply does not appeal to me right now with this current rash of awful behavior. I may or may not have threatened no 4th birthday presents if he keeps acting 2.... well he's continued to act 2 so now I'm kicking myself for "threatening" that. Do I follow through? I was sure that would serve as amazing attitude adjustment but alas I was wrong.

Who has taken my sweet boy and when do you plan on returning him?!

I hate that he's acting this way. It literally hurts me to my core to see him throw these ridiculous tantrums over the weirdest things. It's a season of life... and I know you're not supposed to wish away time but I can't say I'd miss these "moments!'

The birthday plan as it stands is to celebrate with my family this weekend since my sister will be in town. I did score a Buzz cake but I don't have a present for him. He needs NOTHING but I would feel like the worst mom ever if I didn't get  him something, especially since this is the 1st birthday he understands. Help a girl out, what do I get him...despite this current behavioral hiatus he's taken?! He's into Toy Story again (today) but he has so much Thomas and Toy Story that I'd like to get something generic. I'm serious.. I need ideas.

Feel free to also chime in on how to retrieve my sweet boy who has been taken over by a child I do not know or understand. I seem to be at a loss and I sure miss him!


  1. i wish i had ideas for the tantrum thing. bella has her moments too. and she spends them in her room. she always come out and apologizes, but it doesn't stop her from throwing another one. :/

    does he do any chores or anything? we got bella the m&d responsibility chart and she has chores. when we actually do them and let her pick out the little magnet to put beside the chore, she seems to behave a little more....responsibly? lol. so maybe something like that would be helpful? like, something to give him a focus other than his dirty train? just a suggestion.

    plus it's kind of a double score-he gets a gift and you get a helper ;)

  2. I am getting him that Toy Story toy he pointed out at Target...score!
    Sorry about the squinkies.... I bet a man created them!
    I love Parker.....Jonathan is excited that he could be coming to our house....squinkies unite!

  3. Do you have any of the David Shannon books? "No, David!" and "David Gets In Trouble" come to mind. Also check out "The Chocolate-Covered Cookie Tantrum" if your library has it.