Monday, March 18, 2013

Parker's Birthday Week!

Parker turns 4 on Thursday! As every mom says each birthday, "I can't believe how fast time has flown by!" I'll write a more official 4th birthday post on Thursday but today I thought I'd post pictures from Parker's little party with my parents and sister. As I mentioned in the last post, we're not having a party this year. Parker didn't want one so we're keeping it simple!

The weather was PERFECT so we spent most of the day outside! The kids enjoyed taking the dogs on a walk around our neighborhood trails.
She is amazingly awesome at walking Moses! I got so giddy pulling out her summer clothes!
Parker walking Ellie while holding his new Buzz spaceship and wearing a Mario hat.... Multitasking at its best.
Dog walking is hard work! Someone needed a rest. What better place to rest than on top of a table?!
We all had fun playing on the swing set with nana, poppi and Aunt Kelly!
Tire swing fun!
The birthday boy!
Hangin' tough!
Parker's new favorite game is to launch Buzz down the slide to infinity and beyond.
Parker couldn't wait to open his presents! We got him a working kiddie digital camera since he much prefers to be behind the camera than the subject of it! We're a bit disappointed in it but he seems to like it so that's all that matters! My parents got him the most adorable little bike!

He hasn't figured out how to peddle it yet but hopefully with more warm weather, we'll get lots of practice!
Sissy cannot let Parker have his moment so she hopped on a scooter and headed down the sidewalk after him.
After a spin on the new bike, it was time for Parker's BUZZ LIGHTYEAR CAKE! This is literally the only thing he asked for for his birthday. Originally, there was a big Buzz on top but he fell over in transport and took out some icing so I tried to cover it up with this bigger Buzz space ship. I still think it turned out cute!
The cake was pretty good and even better the 2nd day. I find cakes that are made a few days in advance and set out (like this one was) to be dry. I found on Pinterest that if you cut the remaining cake into slices and place them in a Tupperware container and use a water bottle to spritz it one time then cover it, the cake will be more moist. I was leery so I only did one of the 6 containers I put the cake in and it worked! Only spritz the cake part, not the icing. It made the cake taste more fresh. YUMMY!

1 birthday celebration down and 2 to go! We'll take him to the zoo on the next warm day that Daniel is off and of course, celebrate the birthday boy all day Thursday! :) How is he already 4?!


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