Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kid's Photoshoot

Daniel starts his new job on Monday. We are so excited for this new adventure even though it means change.... which I'm slow to embrace but I think it will be a great situation for us. Currently, Daniel works for a company that contracts him out to other companies to work on their computer and phone networks. That means he's at different businesses each day, working odd hours or doing documentation from our home office. While we love having daddy home, sometimes it's hard to keep the kids quiet during conference calls and we always seem to get out of whack with our daily routine. I may also be notorious for the line "I just need 5 minutes!" AKA... please make sure they don't kill themselves for 5 minutes so I can (fill in the blank) alone! His new job is more of a 8-5 M-F type job where he'll manage his own network. While we'll miss him being home during the day, it will be nice to have a more consistent schedule. This will be the first time that he's ever had an actual desk and I knew exactly what it needed! A precious framed picture of the kids, of course! Who wouldn't want to show off these cuties?
On super short notice, I called my friend, Karabeth from Holden Memories Photography, found some coordinating outfits in the kid's closets (thank you Kelly's Kids!) and we were off to Andrew Jackson State Park. Thankfully, I had the foresight to coordinate "just in case" because this is my new favorite photo of the 3 of us!
My "vision" for the photo shoot was a stellar picture of the 2 kiddos but let's be honest... Avery missed nap time, Parker hates photos, it was dinner time and we were FREEZING so I ended up hopping in the photos since they didn't want to sit on the cold grass, Avery needed hidden tickles for smiles and Parker needed constant reminders of squinkie bribes..... you do what you've gotta do... or the photos end up like this...

....which is still adorable. Clearly Parker did something to Avery, she's pissed and he thinks it's hilarious. This photo should be titled "Siblings." I love it.

Karabeth captured a lot of great photos! I think I'll frame the shot of the 3 of us above but these are great too! I can't decide!

Oh Miss Avery makes me giggle in this photo!
Parker still doesn't seem 4 to me but this photo makes him look so grown up and reflective.
Miss. Avery is a ham. She was quite pleased with herself to take pictures like big brother did.
With fruit snacks as bribes, for a brief moment, they were sweet to one another.
Mama took one for the team and sat on the cold bricks since Parkerman would not. I can't blame him.... holy frozen hiney.
Unless you're my mother, you're probably like, "ok, enough with the pictures already." So, for everyone else, thank you for humoring me.... for my mother.... here are more :)
I think their faces look a lot alike here.
Handsome boy
Not an ounce of fat on this peanut but check that double chin! Adorable!

This is the "heaven help me!" shot.... which means.... WE'RE DONE! Confession: Avery fell asleep in the car on the way home, I transferred her to bed and she slept in this dress last night. Whoops.

Overall, I was proud of the kids. We got a few great pictures that I'm proud to frame for Daniel and surprise him with Monday morning. If you're in the Waxhaw/Ballantyne area, make sure to check our Holden Memories Photography on facebook!


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