Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goin' to the Lodge....

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area you've probably heard the commercial or radio ads a million times.... "goin' to the lodge.... the great wolf lodge..." Are you singing the song yet? I sang that dang jingle all day long... because we went to The Great Wolf Lodge and it was AMAZING! The kids, Daniel and I had the most fun family day (technically "afternoon") we've had in a LONG time! It was all smiles, all afternoon. I owe a sweet friend, Becca, big time for giving us her special day tickets since her precious little girl, Riley has to get tubes and can't be in the water.

Parker LOVED the water slides and was such a daredevil! He even went down the slide that was a few stories high. I was shocked! He also enjoyed the wave pool. He put on his puddle jumper and would float on his belly and let the waves carry him. We were hoping he was tall enough to do the tube rides with Daniel or I but he needs a few more inches.

Avery was so pleasant. She loves to splash in puddles and play in fountains. We were surprised with how easily she walked in the water. We had to really watch her in the wave pool because she would just keep walking even if it was over her head. Silly girl. At least she isn't afraid of the water since so much of our lives revolve around the lake, pool and ocean! 

Daniel and I had a GREAT time watching the kids have a blast but we had some adult fun too! We took turns doing the big slides and I felt like a kid again! I smiled and let loose and even "WOO HOOed" a few times! Our favorite ride was the Howlin' Tornado. If you've been there before, you know why! I rode it a few times with the sweetest girl scouts because they needed an extra rider. Each time they would sing a song through the tunnel. On our final ride, I chimed in with a little "Starships, were meant to fly" and the girls thought I was the coolest... its the little things....

The pictures aren't fantastic since I didn't want to get the camera too wet and keeping up with the kiddos around LOTS of different pools was stressful enough but I did get a few. 

You can kind of see the big orange slide on the back of this huge tower. Parker went down that slide no less than 20 times. He LOVED it which really surprised Daniel and I.

The kiddie area had 3 small slides, water shooting jet skis and an graduated entrance with fountains. This was perfect to get the kids acquainted to the water and for Avery.

Sissy loves fountains that come out of the ground to splash around in.

Happy boy going down a water slide

Daddy and his mini me taking a snack break.

Avie takes a shower every morning with Daniel or I so she loved standing under the dripping water. She even stood under the HUGE bucket that dumps water (when she was on Daniel's watch).... and we got a few disapproving looks.... one from myself but nonetheless, she loved it.

Parker at the bottom of the big slide. You could hear him yelling "Woo Hoo!" the whole ride down with his hands in the air.

Eating a cracker poolside... I love the look on her face. If only she knew how much easier it would be if she rotated the cracker.

We showered in the family showers and put the kids in their PJs. 
We were sure that both kids would crash the second we put them in the car. Boy, were we wrong. They had so much fun that they were wired. Thankfully, by the time we got home, both kids were tired and went to sleep easily. I am also barely awake! I tell you what, that was a work out! By the time I climbed the stairs to the top of the slides, my legs were hurting and I was winded!

If you're looking for a weekend getaway, I HIGHLY recommend The Great Wolf Lodge. There is lots to do around the lodge in addition to the water park like Concord Mills Mall, the speedway, tons of places to eat... a BabiesRUs (such a mom)... anyways.... it was awesome...we loved it....can't wait to go back!


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