Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Mama

Avery has recently discovered the world of baby dolls. I have to say, it makes me SO happy! Don't get me wrong.. I don't collect dolls... I just love all things girly and nurturing. My sister gave Avery a "my first Disney doll" Ariel for Christmas that she likes to play with. Avery takes Ariel from the doll pack n play to the stroller and then into the shopping cart. She sleeps with her as well. I've caught her many times holding Ariel saying "hi baby!" in a sweet high pitched voice like I use when talking to babies. Speaking of mimicking, Avery also now talks on her "phone" aka old calculator. I feel like she's become such a big girl in the last week. Despite being a peanut (32% for height and 7% for weight), she seems so grown up to me!


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