Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sun, Sand and Shades

I really want to get Avery's 1st birthday post up but the thought of sifting through and picking from 300 photos sounds exhausting! Too much cuteness to pick from!

We had GLORIOUS weather 2 Sundays ago so I set my alarm at o-cock-a-doodle-do and took the kids to my parent's church to surprise them. They looked so precious sitting outside of church waiting for nana and poppi. The plan backfired when they decided to be heathens and sleep in. haha It worked out just fine though because we beat the church crowd to a good ol Southern breakfast at The Cookhouse.

Afterwards, we slipped into swim suits and hopped on the boat for an afternoon of sun, sand and cool shades. Avery sleeps so well on the boat under the bimini top and Parker was, as usual, on constant duck and geese hunt!
Miss Avery and I

Too cool for school

Parker and poppi

Napping... as long as I unsnap the neck strap she'll sleep in her life jacket. I suppose it's like a pillow? She napped for almost 2 hours like this!

Stud muffin

So Avery does have a swim suit.... but I didn't want the lake to stain in... so she swam naked because I am vain. Note to self: buy lake bathing suit

Seriously, how could I let her swim in the dirty lake in that cuteness!?

We are a lake loving family so I'm sure you'll see this post with similar pictures over and over this summer! I can't wait for our friends to join us!


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