Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Sneak Peek

I don't know about you but this mama is SO ready for sunny days by the pool with a margarita, friends and snacks! Today we got a little sneak peek with our friends Holly and Brooklyn. It was warm... certainly not warm enough to swim but Parker didn't seem to mind. Brooklyn would play in the pool and then come back to her chair to dry off a bit then try again. Then there was Avery.... who was everywhere. The pool is too deep for her to sit in and splash but she kept trying anyways unsuccessfully. Eventually I got tired of chasing her around the pool deck and fed her into a coma then laid her in the wagon in the shade. I realize there is only so much longer I can do this but it was SO worth it! I got to really enjoy watching Parker swim while chatting with a friend and Avery got to take a great nap outside in the shade. Win/Win!

As you know, Parker is not a lover of the camera but I think we FINALLY may have figured out how to get a great picture of him! H20!

This wagon and top is worth its weight in gold!

Silly boy!

Look how happy he is despite his blue lips!

Parker LOVES to jump in the water! Jumping pictures are some of my favorites of him!


Sweet boy is such a fish!


What could be more fun!?


Princess girl napping in her chariot

Brooklyn enjoyed gently pouring the water from one cup to the other while Parker just splashed everywhere! Oh the differences between girls and boys!
Are you as ready for summer as we are!?!


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