Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I am blessed beyond measure by my mother. She is selfless, thoughtful, generous, forgiving, fun and engaging. She's a good listener, a prayer warrior, a treasured friend, a loving nana, a wonderful wife and a world class toilet scrubber. So she's pretty much amazing and I think all who know her would agree ;)

On Saturday, the kids and I met my parents and sister at Freedom Park in downtown Charlotte for a picnic. We played on the playground equipment, fed ducks and geese (and even tiny newborn ducks.... I secretly wanted to take one home), took a stroll and ran into our old neighbor! Small world! Despite wanting to claw my eyes out from allergies, we had a really great time!
Kelly, mom and Avery who was WAY more interested in the ducks.

Nana and sweet Avie

A precious Avery and allergy stricken mama.

In duck and geese heaven

Me and my pretty little girl
Poppi, Parker and a super aggressive goose

A rare photo of both kids in 1 picture! SCORE!

Sweet boy and his nana

Swinging with Aunt Kelly
After a fun morning at the park, we headed to my parents house for lunch and a boat ride. We fed MORE ducks and beached the boat on the island for a while where Avery discovered a fun hole filled with.... red clay. Here's hoping an oxy clean soak can fix her now orange bathing suit!
Parker enjoyed wading and filling his bucket with water

Avery discovering how to play with sand

The aforementioned mud hole that Avie was so fond of.
I am so glad my children enjoy being outside as much as I do! I capped off the day with a night of bunco with my neighborhood girlfriends. We played on Abby's patio that she decorated beautifully. She made cupcakes that looked like corn on cob, had flowers coming out of a watermelon, precious candles, twinkly lights.... the works. Of course I am on schedule to host next month.... I see pinterest and hobby lobby runs in my future!

Today we have done pretty much NOTHING and its been awesome. I may or may not be blogging at 4pm in my PJs. Avery was up 5 times last night and Parker was up twice. They both have allergies as well and just couldn't breathe through their snot. Daniel took the kids this morning and let me sleep in which was glorious. Parker and Avery have both been super cuddly today which has been so sweet. Daniel got me flowers, a beautiful card and a yummy drink from SBUX this morning. He's also given me a "shopping trip" to buy myself a few new outfits. I think my constant whining about feeling like I have nothing cute that fits me paid off!

Its been a wonderful but quick weekend celebrating motherhood. It's the hardest, most rewarding job. It's the only job I've EVER wanted and despite having days I'm sure that having a career would be easier, the thought passes as quickly as it came. I am SO blessed to be "mommy" to Parker and Avery.... and sometimes my 20 something year old sister ;) There is no greater blessing in life than that of motherhood.


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