Friday, June 1, 2012

Neighborhood Toddler Play Date

On Tuesday, we were invited to our 1st toddler play date in our new neighborhood. At the HOA meeting, I signed up for the toddler play group and we finally set one up. I already knew all of the kids and moms from Bunco and the pool but it was fun to get the kids together. The host, Abby, is super mom and always has a beautiful spread with table clothes and yummy food. She set the bar high... UGH.... gotta step up my game! ;)

The kids enjoyed playing in the slip n slide, water table, sand box and lady bug sprinkler.

Avie loves sprinklers

Big Avery, Isabella, Jonathan, Parker and Julia's twin brother (ekkk... I forgot his name!)

Hailey was monitoring Parker who was standing on her lady bug sprinkler. Boys just don't play like girls!

"The Parker" jump.

Most of the crew

Avie in the sand

The girls... Peyton, Hailey, Isabella and Avery playing in the sandbox
We love our new neighborhood and are enjoying making new friends!


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