Tuesday, June 12, 2012

13 month comparison pictures

Recently I'm beginning to think that Parker and Avery are starting to look more alike. I enjoy going back and looking at pictures of things Parker did at the same stage Avery is in, how they look alike or different, facial expressions, activities, etc. I thought I'd post for my own records a few pictures of them both at 13 months old. 

Both loved swinging at 13 months old. He's definitely chunkier at this age but I think their eyes and noses look alike. Check out his legs compared to hers. She's my full term peanut and he's my preemie chunky monkey!

Close up of their smiling faces.
Technically, these pictures are both of them at 11 months BUT they're both Easter pictures which still makes for a good comparison. 
13 month old profiles. Definitely the same precious button nose!
1st birthday cake smash!
Hilton Head Island at Harbour Town (Parker is 15 months and Avery is 13 months in these pictures)

I could go on and on! I'll try to make this a more regular post. I know I'll love looking back on comparison posts like this when the kids are older. These are such precious ages!

Do you think the kids look alike? Just the nose or is there something more?


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