Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family Pictures- Beach Edition!

We did it! ... Kinda.... we got a "I think this is probably the best we're gonna get at this stage of our life" family picture! If you follow the blog, you know a family picture of the 4 of us has been the bane of my existence for at least a year. Parker hates pictures. Avery usually has her hands in her mouth. Daniel's eyes look everywhere except the camera.... and I am usually smiling away oblivious to the chaos around me.

We were in Hilton Head Island this past week on vacation which gave us lots of opportunities for pretty outfits, stunning backgrounds and a silly nana to jump up and down calling the kids names. Don't get me wrong... we got our fair share of typical Wise Family photos but here are all of our family picture attempts... good, bad, ugly... and as awesome as it's gonna get for now....

Woody was in all of last year's family photos... Mario made an appearance in some of this years!
This is SO good of Parker! But Avery isn't looking and Daniel's eyes are looking at something else.

I like to call this photo "black sheep".... Daniel didn't get the memo. Well he did.... he just didn't like the dress code. At least his top and bottom were a coordinating set... le sigh. Men.
Classic Wise Family photo haha

The laminated duck picture also made a few appearances in family photos. Avery has come to love those duck pictures as well and really wants the one her brother is holding!

Pretty good... kids aren't smiling but cute nonetheless!

Almost a framer!

Frame worthy!

Oh Parker.... he's timing out on us! BUT... how cute does Avery look!?!

Parker looks like he's napping on Daniel's shoulders haha

Even though Parker isn't looking, I still like this one.

Parker looks less than thrilled but its still sweet.
The best group shot!

And although not a whole family photo, this one still makes my heart happy!
Much more beach pictures to come but I had to share our latest family photo treasures!

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