Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

I just ordered Parker's big boy bed from my favorite kid's furniture store, Slumber Kids!!! Well, BEDS actually. We got him bunk beds! Does my 18 month old need bunk beds? NO.... BUT it seemed to be the best long term decision. I'm seeing sleepovers in his future. PLUS.... Parker's new room will be the guest room (adios ulgy laminate fake stone furniture! I won't miss you!) so now when guest come, they can play summer camp on Parker's bunk beds. Who wants the top?

When Parker and I were at the furniture store, he found this huge flower bean bag he'd run across the room and jump on. He'd yell "MOMMY," I'd look at him and he'd dive face first into it. Cute... even the 40th time he did it. So by #41 I wasn't paying THAT much attention. That is until I heard "mommy up!" I looked over and he's sitting on the top bunk of his new bed (the showroom model). Holy heart attack! Guess who WON'T have the ladder attached to his new bed for quite some time! PARKER, the toddler monkey.

Check out the new bed:
Simple, clean lines, functional, dark wood. I like it. We will obviously find some cute bedding. I'm thinking maybe a Pottery Barn Kids outlet run in the near future!


  1. Trust me... He won't need the ladder. He will just climb up the foot of the bed.

  2. Oh my goodness! That would give me a heart attack too! Owen is 16 months Saturday and is really into climbing too, but no bunk beds yet! LOL!

  3. Nice! PB kids (and pottery barn in general) has such great bedding!