Sunday, September 26, 2010

Color Me Bad

This is Parker.... my budding artist.
He LOVES to color and is actually pretty good at it considering he's 18 months old. Note the lovely use of colors.
This morning, while daddy was sleeping on the couch watching Parker, he found a stray, blue (known as the color "boo" to Parker) crayon.... and..... colored us a lovely mural.
...on the wall. Scratch that... 3 walls and my bedroom door.
I put an emergency post on FB asking how to get it out and found the cure all for blue crayon murals! The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! I sent Daniel to the store (with Parker so I couldn't kill him) and he came back with 2 of these magical little sponges (and a sub). I'm in love. The crayon is was gone! Poof! That is until Parker realized I put the crayon on the table and he could reach it. Epic mom failure... we have 2 new blue murals. Guess who's making an emergency early morning trip to Harris Teeter for more magic erasers?! ME! Guess who's banned from crayons unless I'm standing on top of him?! Parker!


  1. Toddlers are tricky...they look so sweet and innocent. Then, bam - wall mural...twice:o) Love this story!

  2. Love it Taylor!! Riley only colors in her high chair... just for this reason :)

  3. Parker colors on his picnic table and I tape paper all over it. I'm usually good about collecting the crayons but I missed one! OPPS! I've been a crayon hawk ever since!