Friday, September 17, 2010

Missing Girl's Night!

I just wrote a WHOLE blog post... and it was witty... and now it's gone. I hit the wrong button and just like that.. gone. I'm not sure I have the energy to rewrite it BUT it was such riveting information, I just know you'd all want to read it so I shall try to recreate it.

*Warning* This blog post is inappropriate to some*
I bet you're all still reading. I know my friends!

Tonight is GIRL'S NIGHT! I was SOOOOOOO excited! I needed a night out! I'll spare you the details as to why but who doesn't need a night away with their girlfriends to laugh so hard, it hurts? Why am I blogging if it's girl's night? Well, I'm not there! Daniel had to work tonight (which I VERY much appreciate his willingness to support Parker and I. He has an amazing work ethic (maybe too too much) and I appreciate all he does for us). He was supposed to be home around 9 so I figured I'd just get there a tiny bit late. It's 10:22... he's still at work. I'd get a sitter but I just don't have one I trust other than mom friends who I don't ask to watch Parker on weekends.

Tonight's girl's night was special. It was themed... and a WONDERFUL theme it was. We were having a party. What kind of party you ask? Longaberger baskets? NO. Dang those things are expensive! Candlelight? NO. I still have my forever candle from the last party I went to. Tupperware? NO. It's not the 50's I buy the Take and Toss ones from Target. I bet you do too! Tonight's theme was....

A Passion Party! I LOVE this image "Come see what all the BUZZ is about!" ba ha ha! I can tell you what the BUZZ is about!

These parties are a BLAST! How funny is it to watch a woman (sober) hold sex toys and explain the uses while the rest of the group (usually pretty tipsy) tries not to giggle too noticeably. Using my keen sense of deductive reasoning, I feel confident I could figure out the uses but watching her instruct you on it is HIL-AR-I-OUS. They've got some good products to spice up your relationship with your partner... or yourself he he! Whatever tickles your fancy! (Insert fancy tickler image here that is just too hot for this blog!) The conversation that comes with this sort of party is PRICELESS and with the addition of wine and yummy snacks, it becomes quite a memorable night!

So basically... I'm at home... watching House Hunters and blogging. WAY less fun than girl's night! Are you pitying me yet? Because that was the sole purpose of this blog post.


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