Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Perfectly Wonderful Ordinary Day

Today I am overwhelmed by the blessing and love of my God. Do you ever have days where you feel like God just wanted to make you feel extra loved? Today has been an ordinary day; a perfectly wonderful ordinary day. We woke up with the birds (Thanks Pman), played swords with wrapping paper rolls, had brunch with friends, napped, watched Clemson football, ate leftover Chinese, got turned away at the pool (I guess I didn't read the HOA newsletter about the adult pool party), read books... nothing spectacular and yet I felt spectacularly loved.

I got LOTS of Parker hugs today and open mouth kisses in between whines and foot stompings for milk. I fell asleep on the couch in the strong arms of my husband and I felt safe, small and loved. If you haven't noticed yet, I found this cool music thingy (do you have your volume up?) and in searching for my favorite songs, I found myself choosing love songs. No, Barry White and Luther Vandross are not on this list. That's not the find of love songs I mean. These are the ones I know by heart. The ones I sing in my car... and shower... and in my head. Each has a story. Some were comfort during cancer, others during our NICU experience, some just speak to my love for the Lord and his love in return for me. These are love songs for my Savior; for praise and worship. They are His words and promises set to music. They make me feel happy... and blessed... and loved beyond measure! I hope you know that feeling and I pray you have a perfectly, wonderful, ordinary day!


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