Friday, September 17, 2010

The Baby Doll Controversy

Meet Baby
Parker chose Baby out of ALL the stuffed animals and soft toys that could be lovies in the WHOLE store! (Even if she needs one of those helmets for misshaped head) Right at 17 months, separation anxiety set in and guess what/who is Parker's current lovie... ME! He has never cared for anything when he's sad except me which has GOT to change! I LOVE my cuddle time with him but I can't always be there. And thus.. the hunt for a lovie. I was told letting him pick his lovie was the way to go so to the store we went and purchased Baby. How's it working you ask? See for yourself...

He LOVES her! Parker cuddles her on his chest like I do with him.
He uses his fire hat as her crib.
He carries her around by her head
Sometimes he tries to pull her eyelashes off BUT he has gotten very good at pointing out body parts!
They enjoy watching football together
And Saturday afternoon naps are better together!
Isn't that precious? Well I think so too BUT apparently this baby is highly controversial. Yes, he is a boy with a pink doll but he picked it. Most of his friends are girls and dolls are simply what he knows to be lovies. I think it's developmentally normal and am so excited he finally has something he enjoys for comfort. Yesterday at Harris Teeter 2 people stopped me to tell me that my son needed a dinosaur stuffed animal instead of a doll. We also got a lot of stares even though he was perfectly quiet, sitting in the cart, kissing his baby. Don't you think I'd RATHER him choose a dinosaur? BUT if that doesn't say comfort to him... than a pink doll it is! I suppose they aren't the ones listening to him cry at night when he has nightmares so I shouldn't take the opinions to heart but it does amaze me how random people feel it's appropriate voice their opinions on my son's doll.

How could anyone take this away? 
So proudly and unashamed, I introduce baby... the newest addition to the list of things I must remember to put in the diaper bag!


  1. OK, first of all, Noah has had "Baby" for a couple months now and is in love with him. He takes him everywhere and sleeps with him at night. He pushes him around in the shopping cart with his fake food for his....dunh dunh dunh....KITCHEN b/c I also do not think that that is only a toy for girls. People have questioned me about "Baby" several times, and I too get dirty looks in public lol....get over it, people! At least my kid will be well-adjusted and not trying to play machismo stereotypical man role out on his future family.

  2. You know you should get him a GI Joe. ha ha. I feel ya girl! We love our "baby!" A friend suggested I replace her pink romper with some of Parker's preemie clothes. Could be a good idea! :) Either way.. whatever! He likes it! I don't care!

  3. Too funny! He is a cutie! Owen's favorite word these days is "baby" and several months ago, right when he started kissing, he immediately kissed a baby doll in the church nursery. We borrowed the baby doll since there was more than one, and he still likes to kiss the baby. :)

  4. Logan went through the very same phase and he's all boy :) Now he'd much rather choose cars, trucks and soccer balls over a baby doll.

    He used to put his doll in his bicycle helmet and strap her in the car like it was a car seat! hahaha. I think it's completely normal and healthy. If it helps him feel better, that's all that matters.

  5. How cute, Miranda! Parker put baby in his fireman helmet. Clearly a sufficient crib! :)

    I'm not worried about baby. He isn't going to take her to kindergarten or anything.

    Some people have suggested I sew baby a more manly outfit... we'll see if I ever care enough to make baby a wardrobe! ha ha