Sunday, August 29, 2010

Parker's 1st trip to Carowinds!

One of the best perks about being a parent is re-living your childhood! Let's be honest, it's a little creepy to hop up on the carousel with all the toddler's without one of your own. Today, Daniel and I took Parker to Carowinds for some much needed family time! We had a BLAST! So much of a blast that we bought season's passes for next year to continue the family fun!

Parker is a DAREDEVIL! He did rides that even I didn't want to do. Granted, he's a little short for 75% of the rides we took him on but it's hard to gauge height when he's sitting on Daniel's shoulders!

How precious is that face?! I find the greatest joy in watching the wonder in his eyes!

We also rode these crazy balloons that Parker liked but I found a but nauseating!

Parker and Daniel rode these CRAZY helicopters that Parker was at least 2 feet too short to ride. You can barely see him. I had a heart attack while they rode this! They were maybe 40ft in the air with a loose fitting seat belt! AHH!

We also hit up Boomerang Bay! What a cute 3 and under area! Parker loved it!

What's a water park without a slide? I think he did this slide at least 20 times. He would run past the 4 year old in tears because he was too scared and throw himself down the slide!

Man, do I love my life! Here's a minute long snippet video of our fun, family day!


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