Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap

Good news... Parker is alive and thriving! The annual girl's beach trip was a huge success and Daniel and Parker made due at home for the weekend! I made it the whole weekend without a single shed tear for my little man and managed to keep my phone calls to a reasonable every 4 or 5 hours.

It's super late and I'll revisit this topic tomorrow but here's a few highlights/lowlights:

*Daniel took Parker to church and dressed him all by himself (even though I set out a church outfit). Daniel's outfit of choice for Parker you ask? A Blue and white Polo romper (an outfit in itself), buttoned ALL the way to the neck (how did you breathe little man?), with... wait for it.... brown corduroy pants (uber hot!). I asked Daniel if it felt weird stuffing the legs of the romper into the extremely thick winter pants but he swears he thought it was a onesie. I'm 100% sure Parker hasn't worn a onesie in at least 8 months but hey.... I what do I know. ha ha

*Hot Dogs equate to a balanced meal.... every meal... who needs veggies when you have turkey dogs? Bless Daniel's heart, today Parker ate broccoli, carrots, fiber and blueberries in attempts to offset his massive intake of processed foods and sodium.

*Did you know being a stay at home dad ONLY means playing? It's amazing! I want that job! Apparently cleaning, straightening, laundry, dishes, etc are NOT part of a stay at home dad's tasks. How cool is that.... except if you're the stay at home mom who gets to clean it up. We had to have a little chatsky about that! I love my boys but WHEW are they messy! At least they're supportive of my girl's weekends! I guess a "close to condemnable house" is a small price to pay for a much needed girl's weekend!

*Do people actually take those old timey photos seriously? Umm... yes... the photographer does. Apparently, asking to dress in the rebel flag and lay on a bar with a shotgun is offensive to some. Kidding... we thought it was a super good idea at midnight though.

*I was meant to drive a big ass truck. I rocked the socks off that king cab silverado all weekend stuffed with 7 cuties!

*Staying at home and playing silly games with your girlfriends is WAY more fun than going out... at least it is now... which I believe means we're old. I don't care, it was fun, MONSTER TRUCKERS! (I just love you, Erin Reid)

*Nothing in the WHOLE WORLD beats seeing your child for the 1st time after being away and hearing that sweet sound "MOMM-E!!!" His face was so tasty. I made out with it. Man did I miss him!

Pictures to come... tomorrow (hopefully)! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


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