Thursday, August 5, 2010

IMAGINON... My Reader Rabbit in the Making!

Today Parker and I ventured to uptown Charlotte for a little reading fun at IMAGINON with our friends Holly, Brooklyn and Harper. It's a beautiful facility (which I failed to take pictures of!) and the staff was very friendly! We went to a book reading with a super enthusiastic lady who did a great job keeping 50+ toddlers fairly entertained! She did 3 songs and 3 books. She even managed to get Parker clapping his hands and dancing! No worries, if you don't think your kid will be quiet in a library, it isn't like that... it's a kid's library so they get it!

Afterwards we watched some short stories come to life.... ok so... I watched it while Parker played on a big wooden bus! They also have neat touch screen computers that let kids color the story as they read it. I really enjoyed the magnetic light up tangrams table. Parker enjoyed crashing the shapes together and pulling them apart. Whatever floats his boat, right!?!

If you don't go during a scheduled activity time, there are THOUSANDS of precious books to snuggle up and read together. If you're a Mecklenburg County Resident you can check them out. There is also a kid area equiped with a bunch of toys including a train table and gigantic teddy bear.

Overall, I give IMAGINON 1 3/4 thumbs up! It's free, entertaining, uptown (which is fun for us suburban moms who every now and then want to venture outside of suburbia), educational and clean! I'm taking 1/4 thumbs away because uptown itself isn't kid friendly so it's hard to make a day of it and I hate paying to park (so my friend Holly did! ha ha) Apparently there is free parking for 9o minutes but driving around uptown to find it stresses me out. $5 is it!

***FREE STUFF ALERT!*** Check this out! SO... if you live in a poor zip code (such as mine apparently) you can get a free book for your child every month until they're 5!!!! If you don't live in a poor zip code (I didn't think I would but apparently I do!) find a friend who does and have them shipped there. Yes. I am encouraging you to cheat for free books. Go to and register your child. It takes less than a minute. That's 60 free books if you do it from the time they're born!


  1. Ok I'm a first timer on your blog...too cute. But I wanted to add that we're sad that our address didn't qualify. I typed it in and it said there wasn't a sponsor in our location. boo! You are so lucky to have or make the time for all this!! :)

  2. Thanks Heather! Try a zip code of a friend or family member you see a lot. They can be shipped there :)

  3. Hi Taylor - Love your sense of humor and you have a terrific writing style. Like you I check Facebook every day and also write on my blog. Come visit some day. I'm so glad you are supporting and benefiting from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. I work at the University City Regional Library. I agree with you with the parking situation. If you come to UC parking is free. Your son is beautiful. I have three terrific grand kids, ages 6, 3 and 5 months. Yay for boys!!!