Monday, August 9, 2010

Do you remember the 1st time you....

Get your head out of the gutter..... Do you remember the 1st time you mowed the lawn? According to my husband (and his mother!) the 1st time he mowed the lawn was at age 6!!!! Well.... mine was at age 25.... and it was awesome. Seriously! I really enjoyed it!

Daniel and I had some yard work to do this weekend in preparation for my mega toddler play date (more to come on that this week). We also have a bog/rice patty growing where the A/C water drains so we needed to take care of that.... which we did by digging a whole, planting a tree and hoping our new purple crape myrtle is really really thirsty!

Why did I enjoy cutting the grass?
1. It's something I've never done and always wanted to try
2. I like to exercise in non traditional manners
3. I enjoyed spending time with Daniel while being productive
4. It's instant gratification
5. It's oddly fun to cut patterns in the lawn
6. I like my grass cutting outfit (red tennis skirt and tank)
7. I finally get to wear those "yard work" shoes (old tennis shoes you always keep to do yard work in but then never do yard work)
8. Something about pulling that string and starting the mower just feels sexy
9. It's so loud, even if Parker is whining, I can't hear him ha ha

Anyways, while I don't plan on cutting the grass EVERY week, I do recommend it and plan to do it again. It's therapeutic and fun. I meant to take a picture of the grass but then you'd see my beyond dead (more like decaying) ferns that I haven't exactly replaced yet. Basically, I felt the need to brag about my awesome grass cutting job. if you're my neighbor make sure to come check it out (and trash my ferns if you want to be a super duper neighbor... or at least make me feel really bad about them looking so crappy so I have motivation to toss them!). Look at me defying my love of gender roles! Next thing you know I'll be taking the trash out!


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