Friday, August 13, 2010

Toddler Takeover

Confession... I am tipsy.... and I need to be. You see, Daniel has been in Canada ALL week (he gets home at 2am tonight.. YIPPEEE!) but he leaves again for another week on Monday and I have been home with Mr. Parkerman who is teething all 4 molars at once. Super fun. I know you're all jealous. Sleep... well that has been non-existent and I've even resorted to drugging my precious teething child at night to sleep with little to no positive results (judge all you want... it had to happen). He's SOO chipper during the day but he SCREAMS at night in pain and thus for both our sakes, I drugged him (with the dr's permission)... anyways... it hasn't worked... and tonight when my love bug went to sleep... I drank... cheap yummy wine.

PS- I'm watching Dateline right now and Anne Curry's lipstick is way too dark.. like Gothic dark...
Back to the actual reason for my blog today....
I invited 15 toddlers and their mommies to my house the other day... crazy... I know... but it worked out pretty well. 12 of the 15 showed up and we had a great and chaotic time! We played in the baby pools and water table, destroyed my house, painted magnets, shattered a few as well, ate my turkey dog octopus macaroni creation, puked it up on my carpet (thank you Brooklyn) and enjoyed each other's company with minimal time outs! Overall, a great success! Check out the pictures of our mayhem!

Miles, Jett and Parker playing with the water table:

My insane den!

Man, this slip n slide water is COLD!

Baby pool fun!
My ocean themed lunch!

WOW! Having friends over is fun but exhausting!
We LOVE our friends and the memories we make with them! When my house finally recovers from our playdate, we'll do it again!


  1. haha Taylor, you make me laugh. You're such a fun, awesome mom! Very creative with the hot dogs I must say!!!