Thursday, August 19, 2010

Testing Parker's Survival Instincts

The time has come..... my 1st trip without my appendage, I mean baby. While, of course, Parker is a baby genius, he has yet to deduct that the suitcase in my bedroom is only filled with MY clothes.... not his. He's so used to coming with me everywhere (or should I say I'm so used to HIM coming everywhere with me)! I can only imagine he's in his crib dreaming little baby dreams of the beach, hot sand, staying up late and torturing me for hours on the car ride. Well this time, he doesn't get to come! It's just me and the girls! 7 of us to be exact!

I should be excited right? Every mom I've told about my impending girl's trip drops her jaw and immediately says, "Aren't you just thrilled?!?! Lucky you!" Lucky, yes... I am. My hubby encourages me to take these trips and I'm blessed to have such wonderful lifelong girlfriends to do this with. Thrilled on the other hand, not really. Sorry ladybugs, I love ya.... but I love my buddy more. I'm kinda fond of him! I know this is good for me. I know I should go. I know I'll have a great time once I get there.... But my life is so much fuller with Parker in it. Every moment is more exciting. Seeing cool things through his eyes is so much more rewarding than seeing them through my own! I sorta feel the need to be medicated. I've literally been dreading this day (well technically my embarkation date... tomorrow at 7am) for a year. Seriously... since last August when we set the date while my pee wee basked in the sun with us at girl's (+Parker) weekend. Since I don't do drugs... wine will have to do.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall this weekend at home. I'm testing Parker's survival skills by leaving him with his daddy. Bless my husband's heart, I love him to death but this toddler stuff isn't natural for him! Lets just say under daddy's watch, Parker's worn jammies in public, church shoes to the park and diapers on backwards a time or two. Daniel tries... this just isn't his forte. SO... I've left him bulleted lists, a schedule, meal ideas, stocked up on easy foods like uncrustables, eggos, nutragrains and buddy fruits, labeled a diaper "front" and "back" and even set out 6 outfit choices and matching shoes. I also packed a diaper bag for him that is less "girly" (who knew blue polka dot ribbon bags weren't manly?). ha ha

Basically, they should be set. Parker should still be alive... possibly even thriving when I come home. Hopefully Daniel will still have his sanity.... and maybe even a greater appreciation for what I do on a day to day basis! And me..... my goal is to come home Sunday having had loads of fun with the girls, feeling, rejuvenated and looking latinoish in color.

If all else fails, I also left a long list of emergency contacts! You're probably on it.


  1. Have a GREAT time. Somehow us daddies manage to scrape by despite our "different" way of doing things...LOL. I'm sure Parker will LEAP into your arms when you return.

  2. I suppose you could call the diaper on backwards a "different" way of doing it! ha ha

    I will have fun! Thank you!

  3. Haha, too funny!

    I would feel the SAME way about leaving Mills! Man, you just get used to life with those little guys and you don't want to go even a weekend without them! :) :)

    And my husband is in the same boat with yours, as well - oh my goodness I can only imagine...

    Nonetheless, hope you had a WONDERFUL trip!!! I'm sure it was much deserved!!